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Integrated metabolism and dynamics of metabolic systems

Understanding to create, Creating to understand

The Metasys team is investigating and modifying microbial metabolism and its regulation with the aim of “understanding to create” and its complementary counterpart “creating to understand”- to deliver new fundamental knowledge on both natural and synthetic microorganisms while creating new industrially useful microorganisms. To do that the team integrates (i) a synthetic biology approach based on genome editing and adaptative laboratory evolution to engineer metabolic and/or regulatory systems in various microorganisms, and (ii) a system-level approach based on in silico (reconstruction and modelling of metabolism) and experimental methods (transcriptomics, metabolomics, fluxomics) to understand and predict the behavior of the natural and synthetic strains.

Team leader

The team's topics

  • Volker Wendisch, CEBITEC, Germany
  • Diethard Mattanovisch, BOKU, Austria
  • Trygve Brautaset, NTNU, Norway
  • Martin Warren, University of Kent, UK
  • Pau Ferrer, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
  • Sebastian Maerkl, EPFL, Switzerland
  • Pierre Nicolas, MaIAGE-INRAE, France
  • Toulouse White Biotechnology, Toulouse, France
  • Metatoul Platfrom, Toulouse France