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Sustainable water

Supporting the development of sustainable water processes

station épuration


The pressure is increasing with global warming. Our ambition is to support the development of resilient industries and sustainable processes for water, by developing breakthrough approaches: source separation, resource recovery, advanced separation technologies, eco-design and integrative approaches.

Major issues

  • Reduce the need for fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Develop a circular economy: reuse water, recover organic matter and nutrients,
  • Reduce emissions of micropollutants/plastics into the aquatic environment,
  • Develop processes that guarantee sanitary quality and are accessible to all.

Water in numbers

Water, an essential resource now under threat


  • – AIE 2020
World population without access to adequate sanitation
4.2 billion people
Drinking water consumption / inhabitant / day in France
146 liters
French territory affected by water restrictions in 2019
Surface waters are not in good ecological status in France
Share of agricultural needs for nutrients in wastewater
Share of wastewater nitrogen from urine

TBI, transversal projects around water

Expertise and skills

Procédés biologiques

Biological processes

Membrane separation processes

Procédés De Séparation Chromatographique

Chromatographic separation processes

Procédés De Désinfection/Oxydation eau

Disinfection/oxidation processes

Procédés Enzymatiques

Enzymatic processes

Transfert Et Mélange

Transfer and Mixing

Modélisation Intégrée

Integrated modeling


Ecodesign and environmental analysis

Digitalisation Des Procédés

Digitalization of processes