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TBI, Toulouse Biotechnology Institute,
Bio & Chemical Engineering

Located on the campus of the Toulouse National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA), the TBI public research laboratory, supported by INSA Toulouse, CNRS and INRAE, combines fundamental and applied research in the field of biotechnology.

Combining scientific excellence with economic and societal relevance, the laboratory is structured into 4 scientific poles and 1 technological pole.

The unit, with strong disciplinary competences in Life Sciences and Engineering Sciences, leads a multi-scale, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary scientific strategy, in order to meet the challenges of the bioeconomy, and associates an important network of public and private collaborators.

It is also one of the labeled laboratories of the Carnot Institute 3BCar.

With an expertise of more than 40 years and internationally recognized, Toulouse Biotechnology Institute, Bio&Chemical Engineering conducts research activities in catalysis and enzyme engineering, systems and synthetic biology, fermentation, process engineering and eco-design.

The top management of TBI since January 2021

From left to right: 
Emmanuelle TREVISIOL, Deputy Director
Gilles TRUAN, Director,
Mathieu SPERANDIO, Deputy Director

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The main stages of construction of the laboratory


In 2007, the Toulouse laboratories LBB (Biotechnology-Bioprocesses Laboratory) and LIPE (Environmental Process Engineering Laboratory) merged to create LISBP (Biological Systems and Process Engineering Laboratory). With this merger, the LISBP is a pioneer in cross-disciplinary research and has embarked on an approach that focuses on both cross-disciplinary research and the development of knowledge and skills. 

In 2019, on the occasion of the inauguration of its new MB3 building resulting from the "Toulouse Campus" project led by the University of Toulouse, the laboratory changes its name to TBI -Toulouse Biotechnology Institute Bio & Chemical Engineering.

Structure & Organization

Under the triple supervision of INSA Toulouse, INRAE and CNRS, Toulouse Biotechnology Institute, Bio & Chemical Engineering is governed by four entities:

  • un Conseil de Direction,
  • a Scientific Council
  • a Laboratory Council
  • a Technical Council

supporting the management team.

With a thematic spectrum ranging from systems biology to process design covering fundamental, technological and applied research, TBI articulates its research around 4 research poles, platforms, committees and support services. 

Sectors of applications

  • Green chemistry
  • Water and waste
  • Bio-energy
  • Bio-materials
  • Agri-food
  • Health
  • Cosmetics

Labeling of the TIBH platform

TIBH (Toulouse Industrial Biotechnology for Health)

In July 2020, the French General Secretariat for Investment (Secrétariat Général pour l'Investissement) approved the TIBH (Toulouse Industrial Biotechnology for Health) platform for the Grand Défi Biomédicaments.

TIBH is supported by TWB (UMS INRAE, INSA Toulouse, CNRS), in collaboration with CRITT Bio-Industries (INSA Toulouse) and TBI (INSA/INRAE/CNRS).

With a budget of €30 million, this Grand Challenge aims to promote the development of projects aimed at reducing the production costs of therapeutic molecules.

TIBH proposes to make available and use its know-how and its industrial biotechnology platforms for the production of biomedicines, particularly in the field of therapeutic antibodies and proteins.

TBI in the innovative ecosystem of Toulouse

Collaboration & networks