Biocatalysis department

Pole Biocatalyse

The Biocatalysis pole is composed of a single team

Research objectives

Focus on: Enzymes, Binding modules, Transporters

  • Discovery & Structure-Activity-Dynamics relationships studies
  • Generation of Optimized proteins for enzyme or cell-based processes
  • Development of in-house computational tools
  • Generation of Eco-friendly biological solutions


for global health, synthetic biology & circular economy (biomass valorization, waste recycling, human health etc.)


  • Biochemistry, Molecular biology & Integrative Structural biology
  • Sequence & Activity-based genomics and metagenomics
  • Protein engineering & Computational protein modelling & design
  • High throughput Screening / Chemical synthesis / Enzyme immobilization

Department leader

Magali Remaud Simeon


Some key words

Enzyme ; Discovery ; Molecular Modelling & Design ; High Throughput Screening; Engineering, Synthetic biology