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Biocatalysis department

Pole Biocatalyse

The Biocatalysis pole is composed of a single team

Research description

Focus on: Enzymes, Binding modules, Transporters

  • Exploration of natural enzymatic diversity
  • Study of the Sequence-Structure- Dynamics-Activity-Stability relationships
  • Computational design and protein engineering
  • Enzymatic processes, cellular or acellular
  • Development of sustainable biotechnological solutions


for One Health, synthetic biology and circular economy (biomass valorization, waste recycling, human health, etc…)


  • Protein engineering, rational and combinatorial
  • Multi-scale structural modelling
  • Computational design & function prediction
  • Development of automated learning workflows
  • Incorporation of unnatural amino acids
  • Automated and droplet-microfluidics based screening
  • Enzyme immobilization
  • Engineering of enzymatic reactions and enzymatic cascades

Department leader

Magali Remaud Simeon


Some key words

Enzyme ; Discovery ; Molecular Modelling & Design ; High Throughput Screening; Engineering, Synthetic biology