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FAMETech platform

Control of microbial cultures

Adjacent to the FAME Research Team, the platform offers its expertise in the optimal implementation and control of axenic microbial cultures in bioreactors.

The platform devotes an important part of its activity to the development of methodologies, has tools for monitoring and characterization (on-line, off-line) and controls of microbial cultures.

FAMETech integrates tools and a high-performance environment for consulting, support for the scientific set-up and implementation of projects in microbiological engineering in various fields of application: bioenergy, chemistry, health, nutrition, cosmetics, etc.

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Team leader

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Expertises & Skills

  • Expertise in the monitoring, optimal implementation and control of axenic microbial cultures in bioreactors.
  • Implementation and development of specific methodologies and reactors, monitoring and characterization tools (online, offline) of microbial cultures.
  • Nutritional strategies, defined and industrial mineral media, simple substrates, co-substrates and complex industrial substrates, pure cultures or co-cultures

Service offer

R&D, collaborations, provision of equipment, services

  • Rayonier Advanced Materials
  • LCA
  • Projet BeGreen (BiotechnoloGY and pRocEsses for ENergy transition)
  • CYTOMATE Project (Project 3BCAR) : This project aims to initiate the development of a software sensor based on online measurement of the physiological state, morphology and quantification of intracellular molecules through flow cytometry coupled with a feedback loop that can act on the bioreactor controller.
  • Alios Project (Rayonier Advanced Materials)