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Converting CO2

Converting CO2, in energy and bio-sourced molecules


CO2 has always been emitted into the atmosphere by the respiration of living beings. Since the industrial revolution, it has been massively emitted into the atmosphere by the combustion of carbonaceous fossil compounds (coal, oil, gas) leading to the current global warming. It is therefore absolutely necessary to limit its emissions and to find solutions to capture it and if possible to use it as a precursor of tomorrow's fuels in order to eliminate new fossil carbon emissions in the atmosphere. There are many ways of capturing and recovering carbon but they need to be optimized to make them efficient and profitable. The metabolic pathways for transforming CO2 into biofuel, methanol or biogas, as well as the environmental analyses of the selected technologies, are to be prioritized and require additional research efforts, access to solutions nourished by more thematic transversalities. This is the challenge ahead for the TBI CO2 Group.

Major issues

  • The National Low Carbon Strategy (SNBC) in France should achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. According to the definition of the European Parliament, carbon neutrality is "the balance between carbon emissions and carbon absorption from the atmosphere by carbon sinks". Thus, it is necessary to reduce anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced by fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas)
  • Maximizing natural carbon sinks (including reforestation and sustainable land use) and using innovative technologies can help. 

The CO2 in numbers

Quantification of CO2 emissions in the world

CO2 emissions2 in the world in 2020
34.80 billion tons
Potential carbon remaining to limit global warming to 1.5° from 2018.
420 Gigatons of CO2
By 2050, Europe wants to become the first climate neutral continent.
emissions of CO2 neutral
Production capacity of a methanization unit
1500 T of CO2

TBI, transversal projects around CO2

Expertise and skills

pilote gaz

Gas fermentation pilot

pilote methanation

Methanation pilot

Modélisation Intégrée



• Local (on the theme of bioCH4 and bioCO2 collaboration with GRDF (Chair of biogas innovation) with EPURTEK, ADG and EI PURPAN of the INP
• Nationals
• International