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Chemical and biomolecular analysis platform


Follow organic and inorganic molecules, in liquid, solid and gas phase

The chemical and biomolecule analysis platform offers its services for the evaluation of global pollution indicators and their quantification in real effluents, or for the characterization of lignocellulosic biomass and biomolecules resulting from laboratory fermentation. The purpose of the platform is to monitor organic and mineral molecules, in liquid, solid and gas phases. It is composed of equipment for sample preparation on all types of matrices, separation and analysis.


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Competences & Services

The platform specialized in the characterization of samples

  • The main expertise is the analytical development on complex and loaded matrices such as wastewater, sludge, methanization digestates, compost or lignocellulosic biomass. It is possible to carry out or develop specific extractions (liquid-liquid, solvent, QUECHERS) on target molecules or biopolymer macromolecules (bioplastics-PHA or exopolymers - EPS). These skills are mainly derived from the activities of the team Symbiose team of TBI and the CRITT GPTE.
  • Equipment is available to analyze dissolved salts (anions and cations simultaneously), sulfur compounds (H2S, mercaptan in gas phase, sulfate and polythionates in liquid phase), sugars, volatile fatty acids, nitrogen* and organic carbon*. Fermentation gases are quantified on-line or off-line by GPC. The platform is equipped with UV-visible spectrophotometers for routine assays and a FTIR-ATR spectrophotometer. (*solid and liquid sample)
  • For the preparation of samples, the tray has different grinding systems ranging from 10mm to 80µm, ovens, centrifuges.
  • A particular skill in computer-assisted design (e.g.: a poly-lactic acid (PLA) membrane support optimized for EPS gelation).

Service offer

The services of the platform are available for public or private partners. The access can be done by the provision of devices to users, after training, or through technical expertise.


The platform is certified ISO 9001:2015 since June 2016.


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