Semi-industrial scale test platform for the biogas industry

Hosted on the CLER VERTS site in Bélesta-en-Lauragais, the SOLIDIA platform offers a service dedicated to partnership research for industrial demonstration projects in the field of organic waste recovery by anaerobic digestion aiming at the production of renewable gas and the return to the soil of fertilizing materials.

In 2022, the platform reinforces its activities related to the valorization of biogas. This expansion, supported by the Occitanie region, in partnership with TEREGA and CLER VERTS, will allow the development of a new theme centered around the valorization of biogas into biomethane intended to be injected into the transport and distribution networks. A construction site is underway for a commissioning at the end of the year.

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Sébastien POMMIER

Team leader

Solidia valorisation biogaz

Expertises & Skills

Pilot plants in semi-industrial conditions

The vocation of the platform is to offer an experimental environment in order to work on pilot installations in semi-industrial conditions to allow a rise in maturity of innovative technologies and innovations carried by R&D actors.

Within the framework of its new activity of biogas valorisation, the platform will be able to propose a unique service with the possible supply of raw biogas from the CLER VERTS plant (up to 40 Nm3/h) and hydrogen produced by electrolysis (up to 10 Nm3/h) at pressures up to 10 bars.

  • Pilot tests (installation, start-up tests, follow-up tests)
    • Production of biogas (methanization)
    • Biogas valorization (methanation, purification)
    • Valorization of the digestate
    • Fractionnement de digestat liquide
    • Deterioration analysis of concrete
  • Evaluation of analytical and sensor solutions
  • Expertise, analysis and modeling with the support of the CRITT GPTE and TBI (Symbiose, TIM, SOPHyE in particular)
  • Accompaniment towards industrialization

Service offer

The platform is open to all players in the biogas/biomethane sector: technology developers, SMEs, major groups, universities and research laboratories.

The support can be in the form of a service or a collaborative contract.

du pilote au démonstrateur

SOLIDIA is an actor of the CTBM




  • Plateforme Labellisée pôle DERBI

The platform supports various research projects. Recently the OMIX and DESIGN projects (digestates valorization), ODYSSEE and RESIMETHA (methanization in solid discontinuous way). And very soon the DEMETHA and METHAMAG projects (biogas enrichment by methanation).