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GeT-Biochips platform

GeT-Biochips platform

Genomics and Transcriptomics: sequencing and microarrays

Created in 1999 and currently directed by Marie Ange Teste, the GeT-Biochip Platform is one of the first platforms of the Génopôle Toulouse Midi Pyrénées.

The GeT-Biochips platform provides services and/or collaboration (R&D) in the field of transcriptomics and genomics. It offers its expertise and possesses the appropriate tools for sequencing, microarray studies and bioinformatics and statistical data analysis. Thanks to the know-how of its multidisciplinary team, we accompany you throughout the realization of your projects from their conception to the availability of raw or processed data.

The GeT-Biochips service platform is associated with three other Toulouse sites in the framework of the GeT multi-site platform. We bring you one of the most complete offers in France in the field of genomics and transcriptomics.

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Marie-Ange TESTE

Marie-Ange TESTE

Team leader

Competences & Services

Quality control
(Affymetrix & Agilent)
Data analysis
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We know that your samples are precious, it is possible to make quality controls on small quantities (50pg/µL minimum) and small volumes of samples (1,5µL minimum). We perform quantitative and qualitative nucleic acid assays for DNA, RNA, single stranded DNA, protein assays, fluorescently labeled DNA assays.

We advise you on the interpretation of your results.

The ND2000 nanodrop is available for use by TBI staff in autonomy after training. It can be booked at the address :

To verify the integrity of your DNAs and RNAs, we can perform assays on the Bioanalyzer (Agilent) or the Qubit (Thermofisher).

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information: contact us.

We propose to carry out your transcriptomic studies using DNA chips (Agilent or Affymetrix). We advise you on the implementation of the experimental plan (number of replicates, extraction method, ...etc). Then, we carry out the steps of marking, hybridization, washing and scanning of the chips.

Data analysis is done by the platform staff.

Platform equipment:

  • Deposit robot: Qarray mini Genetix
  • GeneAmp PCR system 9700 Applied Biosystem
  • Agilent hybridization oven
  • Scanner MS200 Tecan
  • Scanner 900 Innopsys
  • Affymetrix hybridization oven
  • Station de lavage affymetrix Fluidics Station 450
  • Genechip Scanner Affymetrix

We offer the necessary tools for DNA and RNA sequencing. We advise you on the implementation of the experimental plan (number of replicates, extraction method, ...etc)        

We can handle the ribodepletion of your RNAs or the selection of polyA RNAs if required.

We prepare all types of libraries (Thermofisher, Illumina, Oxford Nanopore) from DNA, RNA or PCR products.

The sequencing is then performed on the most suitable machine:

  • Ion GeneStudio S5 system (ThermoFisher) pour les petits génomes (bactéries, levures, fragments PCR, métagénomique 16S, 18S, ITS) en single-reads (100bp, 200bp et 400bp)
  • Ion GeneStudio S5 system (ThermoFisher) for small genomes (bacteria, yeast, PCR fragments, 16S, 18S, ITS metagenomics) in single-reads (100bp, 200bp and 400bp)
  • MinION (Oxford Nanopore) for long fragment DNA sequencing of small organisms (bacteria, yeast, algae), in single reads 8-10kb
  • Access to Illumina NovaSeq and NextSeq sequencers in partnership with other sites in pair-end 2X150bp, 2X75bp

We also support you in the analysis of your data.

Among the available applications, we propose:

  • De novo sequencing
  • Re-sequencing
  • Ampliseq (PCR fragment sequencing)
  • Sequencing of fosmids
  • RNAseq
  • Metagenomics V1-2, V3-4 or all variable regions (Illumina Miseq, Ion Torrent S5)

We are also a microbiology ambassador within GeT : contact us for your projects

L’analyse des données est l’une des parties les plus fastidieuses dans un projet. Grâce à son équipe pluridisciplinaire, la plateforme vous propose un accompagnement personnalisé ainsi que des solutions adaptées à vos projets qu’ils soient en transcriptomique (expression différentielle, enrichissement fonctionnel, single cell) ou en génomique (analyse de variants, assemblage de fosmides, analyses métagénomiques ciblée avec rANOMALY)

Les données peuvent provenir :

  • d’une prestation en service de la plateforme
  • d’une prestation d’une autre plateforme
  • d’un projet de collaboration

Nous proposons également des formations pour des sociétés ou personnels désireux de s’initier à l’analyse bio-informatique des données : contact us.

Service offer

  • We are committed to responding quickly to your requests and to carrying out your experiments in a timely manner.
  • All our services can be carried out independently and you are informed in real time of the evolution of your project.
  • Our equipment is regularly monitored, controlled and calibrated.
  • The results are made available on the platform's website via a secure link.


The platform is certifiedISO 9001:2015 and NFX50-900:2016


GeT-Biopuces platform is a member of the networks

The platform is part of the GénoToul network, a Toulouse-based network of life science research platforms (fundamental biology, agronomy, environment, health) involved in research, technological development and innovation. It is also a member of the IBISA network which labels and supports infrastructures in biology, health and agronomy. The platform is a member of the national infrastructure IBISBA Fr and the European infrastructure IBISBA Eu, and a partner in the national infrastructure France Génomique.

Many academic (INRA, CNRS, INSERM, IFREMER...) and private partners have trusted us to collaborate on fundamental or applied research projects in various fields such as microbiology, biotechnology, agri-food, health and environment.

Invivogen, Lallemand, Université de Beyrouth, CNRS, INRAE ; INSERM ; Museum d’Histoire Naturelle, AgroParisTech, IRD, Virbac, Laboratoire des Pyrénées, Evotec ; IUT d’Auch ; Université de la réunion ; Université d’Avignon ; Université de  La Sorbonne, Université Clermont Auvergne

Projects 3BCar : HTomics, FullForBest,

project FLOR4G, DNA-HiC