Topic "Microbial engineering from gaseous substrates: CO2 capture"

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Microbial engineering from gaseous substrates: CO2 capture

The objective is to develop efficient processes for the productionof chemical building blocksfrom gaseous substrates (CO2, H2, ...) by exploiting the natural or engineered capacity of autotrophic microorganisms. The work focuses on the study of the physiology of these microorganisms and their implementation in innovative bioreactors for intensive molecule production.

Ongoing projects

ConCO2rde Project


Training network on the conversion of CO2 by smart autotrophic biorefineries (H2020 – ITN)

  • The CONCO2RDE EJD NTI is a research training network of 11 PhD students on cutting-edge research projects combining synthetic biology, metabolic engineering and bio-process engineering for the microbial transformation of CO2/H2/air into various molecules of interest. The final objective will be to establish a roadmap for the implementation of autotrophic biotransformations on an industrial scale.
  • Partners: 5 Universities (INSA, Groningen, Aahcen, Graz, Porto), 9 industrial companies (Total, Suez, Polymem, Evonik, Silantes, Zeta, ..)