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SOPHyE team

Topic "Ecodesign of processes and value chains"

A few words

Process modelling and environmental assessment for ecodesigned processes

This theme considers the development of sustainable processes and industries (from the first stages of design) based on material and energy balances of processes and their consequences on environmental impacts (Life Cycle Assessment). This theme aims to develop specific approaches and tools to perform economic, technological and environmental performance analyses of different processes and industries as well as the determination of the best trade-offs (e.g., maximizing production yield while minimizing environmental footprints) and the parameters/operations that have the most influence. The approach relies on process modeling and simulation at appropriate scales, LCA, multi-objective optimization, sensitivity analysis and decision support. This approach has been applied to water treatment (potabilization, wastewater), seawater desalination, membrane production, methanization, bioprocesses, among others.

Ongoing projects 


Ecodesign of methanisation processes at the farm scale

Partners: TBI, GRDF


Solar metallurgy based on decarbonated reducers

Partners: TBI, LPCNO Toulouse, PROMES Odeillo


Sustainable Production of n-Butanol by Artificial Consortia Through Synthetic and Systems Biology Approaches

Partners: TBI, BASF, Universitat de Girona, University of Nottingham, Technical University of Munich

Tools developed



software for Dynamic LCA. Considers the temporal dimension in the life cycle inventory.


framework Python for multiobjective optimization of time expensive problems : Archive-based Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm with Memory-based Adaptive Partitioning of search space.


climate change impact tool. Software for calculation of the global mean temperature change as indicator for the global warming impact.