Topic "Adaptation and gene expression regulation"

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Adaptation and gene expression regulation

The research activities in the theme "Adaptation and gene expression regulation" are focused on the study of mRNA dynamics. They aim to better understand the post-transcriptional regulations operating at the levels of mRNA degradation and translation. The team evaluates 1) the extent of post-transcriptional regulations at the genome scale, 2) the molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of mRNA stability or translation efficiency (determination of actors and regulators, identification of sequence determinants, involvement of UTRs, etc.), and 3) the links between post-transcriptional regulations and the overall functioning of the bacterium (impact on adaptation, links with carbon and energy metabolism, coordination with other cellular processes, etc.).

Schémat Mécanismes d’adaptation et régulations de l’expression génique

Ongoing projects

RIBECO project

ANR-18-CE43-0010, RIBECO, RNA life cycle engineering for an economic approach to microbial energetics: application to the bioconversion of biomass-derived carbon sources

Bourse China Scholarship Council

Role of regulatory sequences in the regulation of gene expression in Escherichia coli.

ECOTS project

Engineering biology for a circular bioeconomy –Towards urban sustainability.

TOPs project

TWB projet précompétitif TOPs, Translation Optimization of Protein synthesis.