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Topic "Adaptation mechanisms and bacterial diversity"

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Adaptation mechanisms and bacterial diversity

The research in the theme "Adaptation mechanisms and bacterial diversity" aims at extending the knowledge on adaptation mechanisms through integrated analyses of their genetic and phenotypic diversities. The team evaluates the mechanisms involved in the health properties of bacteria (GABA metabolism, ability to ferment plant sugars in L. lactis, resistance to nanoparticles in commensal strains of E. coli, etc.) and their technological potential (aroma production, acidification capacity of L. lactis, etc.) These studies are conducted in the framework of pure strains but also in consortia to increase functional diversity. In particular, the team explores the interactions between 1) L. lactis strains, 2) lactic acid bacteria species, 3) heterogeneous subpopulations of E. coli coexisting during nutritional transitions.

Diversité génomique et phénotypique

Ongoing projects

JANUS project

ANR-19-CE43-0004-01, JANUS, Control and Optimization of Metabolic Transitions.


Toulouse Tech Transfert maturation program and collaboration project with Lesaffre, Health properties of L. lactis. L. lactis.

CNIEL GT-MIL Dynamod project

Thesis Region/EI Purpan and CNIEL GT-MIL Dynamod project, Population dynamics, stability and robustness of an indigenous ferment.