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[iGEM] – A high-throughput allergy detection technique

equipe igem 2022

A high-throughput allergy detection technique: students from Toulouse will present their DAISY solution at the iGEM 2022 synthetic biology competition

Allergies affect 25 to 30% of people in developed countries and this figure is increasing every year. Faced with this fact, and inspired by one of them suffering from multiple allergies, eight students from INSA Toulouse and the University of Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier have decided to set up a team to propose a new method of detection and treatment of allergies. They are supervised by researchers and doctoral students from the Toulouse Biotechnology Institute (TBI - INSA Toulouse - INRAE - CNRS) and the Center for Integrative Biology (CBI - CNRS - UT3 Paul Sabatier).


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