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Topic "Adaptation mechanisms and engineering"

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Adaptation mechanisms and engineering

Research in the theme "Adaptation mechanisms and engineering" aims at modifying the adaptive performance of bacterial platforms through nutritional and metabolic engineering strategies (synthetic biology). Different strategies are used to modulate gene expression and more particularly at the level of post-transcriptional regulations in the model bacterium E. coli (shuffling of untranslated mRNA sequences, genome reduction for better ribosome allocation, modification of the mRNA life cycle, etc.). Genome engineering tools are also developed for unconventional bacteria.

Adaptation mechanisms and bacterial diversity

Ongoing projects

TOPs project

TWB precompetitive project: Translation Optimization of Protein synthesis

ECOTS project

ECOCTS Project, Engineering biology for a circular bioeconomy –Towards urban sustainability.

RIBECO project

ANR-18-CE43-0010, RIBECO, RNA life cycle engineering for an economic approach to microbial energetics: application to the bioconversion of biomass-derived carbon sources