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Cyril Charlier



Actual position and research subject

I joined the TBI in November 2019 as a CNRS researcher in NMR team (EAD17). My main goal is to apply NMR in the framework of biotechnologies focusing on the question of catalysis ranging from the catalysis of reactions in metabolic network to the catalysis of enzymatic reactions in a bioreactor. On one hand I develop tools to maintain the spectral resolution in complex spectra and to follow such spectra as function of time to further investigate metabolism by NMR. On the other hand, I use liquid state NMR spectroscopy to study the relationship structure-dynamics-function on enzymes.

Education and Diploma

List of selected publications

  • Cox, N.; Charlier, C.; Vijayaraj, R.; De La Mare, M.; Barbe, S.; André, I.; Lippens, G.; Montanier, C., The Covalent Complex of Jo-In Results from a Long-Lived, Non-Covalent Intermediate State with near-Native Structure, BBRC, 2022, 589, 223–28.
  • Charlier, C.; Cox, N.; Martine Prud’homme, S.; Geffard, A.; Nuzillard, J-M.; Luy, B.; Lippens, G., Virtual Decoupling to Break the Simplification versus Resolution Trade-off in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Complex Metabolic Mixtures. Magnetic Resonance 2021, 2, (2), 619–27.
  • Cox, N.; Millard P.; Charlier, C., Lippens, G., Improved NMR Detection of Phospho-Metabolites in a Complex Mixture. Anal. Chem. 2021, 93, (11), 4818–24.
  • Ramanujam, V., Charlier, C.†*, and Bax, A., Observation and Kinetic Characterization of Transient Schiff Base Intermediates by CEST NMR Spectroscopy. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 2019 58, (43), 15309–12.
  • Charlier, C.; Courtney, J. M; Anfinrud, P.; Bax, A., Interrupted Pressure-Jump NMR Experiments Reveal Resonances of Protein On-Pathway Folding Intermediate. J Phys Chem B 2018, 122, no 49, 11792–99  
  • Cousin, S. F.; Kaderavek, P.; Bolik-Coulon, N.; Gu, Y.; Charlier, C.; Carlier, L.; Bruschweiler-Li, L.; Marquardsen, T.; Tyburn, J. M.; Bruschweiler, R.; Ferrage, F., Time-Resolved Protein Side-Chain Motions Unraveled by High-Resolution Relaxometry and Molecular Dynamics Simulations. J Am Chem Soc 2018.
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1.         Ferrage F., Cousin S., Charlier C., Marquardsen T., Tyburn J.M., Method for two field nuclear magnetic resonance measurements. Patent application EP15290102, 3 Aug. 2018