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Philippe URBAN

Philippe URBAN

Philippe URBAN

CNRS Chargé de Recherche Hors Classe
I2M Team leader

Actual position and research subject

Since October 1984, I am a scientist at ISB (Institut des Sciences Biologiques) of the CNRS, and I depend on its Section 20: “Molecular and Structural Biology and Biochemistry”. ISince 2011, I am working at the Toulouse Biotechnology Institute as head of research group i2m (Metabolic and Molecular Engineering).


My research interests are cytochromes P450, a superfamily of heme-thiolate monooxygenases that are found in all kingdoms of Nature.  A recent search in the PDB with P450 as a keyword retrieved some 539,610 entries in the UniProtKB TrEMBL database. Since their discovery in the late 1950s, these heme–thiolate proteins have been found in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes with a very few exceptions (less than 10 organisms such as E. coli). Recently, cytochrome P450s have also been spotted in viruses.

My research concerns the enzymology and structural biology of P450s. Identification and functional studies have shown that some P450s are specific to one substrate while others are able to accommodate a vast array of organic molecules. In humans, some P450s are involved in the critical metabolism of drug metabolism and pollutant detoxification. Others are involved in steroid and eicosanoid biosyntheses. In plants, most of the secondary metabolism pathways include one or several cytochrome P450s. Surprisingly, all these numerous P450 enzymes share a very similar 3D fold, and a similar catalytic cycle, though they accepts thousands of substrates very different in size and in nature. This apparent antinomy is appealing to the enzymologist I think I am.


Being membrane-bound, eukaryotic P450s are difficult to crystallize. Most of them lack a known experimental 3D structure. The very recent advent of the deep-learning artificial intelligence AlphaFold2 has opened fast access to the 3D structures of all membrane-bound P50s. I am currently working with some poorly documented properties of AlphaFold2_advanced, the latest version of AlphaFold2. The power of this AI tool is appealing to the structural biologist I hope I am.


My research concerns also electron transfer properties of flavoenzymes belonging to the family of diflavine reductases that oxidize NADPH and transfers the electrons to FAD then to FMN (bot flavins being on a single polypeptide chain) and from FMN to various protein acceptors, including P450 enzymes. How does the dynamics between the different flavin-containing domains of this flavoenzyme regulate the flow of electron and, hence, its kinetic properties is an interesting question that I try to look at.

Education and Diploma


  • Membre nommé de la Commission Scientifique Spécialisée 1 de l’Inserm pour la mandature 2022-2026.
  • Editeur à Biomolecules.
  • Guest-Editor for a Special issue on: “New Insights in Cytochromes P450” in 2021-2022.
  • Guest-Editor for a Special Issue on: “AlphaFold2 and Structural Biology” in 2022-2023.

List of selected publications

  • P. Urban and D Pompon. Confrontation of AlphaFold2 models with cryo-EM and crystal structures enlightens alternate geometries of the CYP102A1 multidomain protein. bioRxiv (2022)
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