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Professeur INSA

Actual position and research subject

  • Gilles Hébrard (54 years old), graduated Doctor (PhD) in water treatment process (1995), Professor at INSA Toulouse in the Chemical and Environmental Engineering Department since 01/09/2007.
  • My research activities deal with the local and global analysis of hydrodynamic and mass transfer present in gas/liquid contactors. I develop my research activities in TIM (Transfert Interface Mixing) group of TBI (Toulouse Biotechnology Institute).
  • I stayed as visiting Professor at UBC (University of British Colombia) in Canada in John R. GRACE research group from August 2011 to August 2012.
  • I have supervised 25 PhD, 5 post-doct and 22 MASTER research; I have published 160 publications and communication with 71 articles in international journal of mark A, 7 patents and one chapter of book.
  • I teach at INSA mass transfer operation and thermodynamic (Energy and Exergy balance).
  • I’m was the head of the Chemical and Environmental Engineering Department from 01/07/2015 (50 students graduate per year) to 01/09/2021 and now I’m in charge of INSA sustainable campus development.


Action 1 : Bubble formation at a flexible and rigid orifice ; gas/liquid mass transfer obtained with a bubble chain in different liquids under test (surfactants, sodium chloride and glucose solution); Determination of liquid side mass transfer coefficient and diffusion coefficient.  

Action 2 : Characterisation of hydrodynamic and mass transfer in different types of gas/liquid contactors (bubble columns and spraying column with and without packing, microchannel with Taylor bubble flow) by development of new experimental approaches.

Action 3 : Characterisation of hydrodynamic and mass transfer in spraying column system for COV removing or ozone pulverization; improvement of absorption liquid phase by using an oil/water emulsion developed for the COV removing; decrease of ozone desorption through nozzle modification;  modelling of absorption or desorption efficiency.

Action 4 : Development of a new hybrid process by in-line coagulation and flocculation with micro-bubbles in hydrocyclone for drinking water production.

Action 5 : Development of a new scrubber system for a farm biogas upgrading with CO2 and CH4 separation (

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