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INRAE Research Director (TRANSFORM division)

Actual position and research subject

I am presently leading the Enzyme Molecular Engineering and Catalysis team of the Toulouse Biotechnology Institute. Our core of expertise is to investigate the relationships between protein structure, function and stability, and to utilize this knowledge in order to identify and design powerful enzymes for industrial biotechnologies, applied either to the health or environmental sectors.


In this large team of ~70 persons, my research focuses on exploring the natural diversity of carbohydrate-active enzymes to understand what roles they play in microbial ecosystems. In particular, I show substantial interest regarding the importance of such enzymes in the interactions between gut microbes and dietary fibers, as well as the host itself, including in pathological contexts. Furthermore, being an biotechnology engineer, I cannot resist mining the remarkable sources of enzymes that are gut microbiomes, for biocatalysts that we exploit in synthetic biology for the production of glycosides for human health.  

In terms of methodologies, with a great team of PhD students, engineers, young researchers and collaborators, we are continuously developping novel sequence- as well as activity-based screening approaches, in order to efficiently identify smart enzymes within microbiomes. Currently, we are enthusiastically exploring the potential of droplet-microfluidics for functional metagenomics and culturomics. We seek to integrate this biochemical data acquired at ultra-high-throughput by microfluidics to sequence and structural data, in order to investigate, from molecular to ecosytemic scales, the processes of glycoside catabolism and anabolism taking place in gut microbes.

Education and Diploma


Lectures in Metagenomics at the EMBL (young researchers, since 2017, Heidelberg, Germany) and at the University Paul Sabatier (Msc. students, since 2019, Toulouse, France), in Ethics and Scientific Integrity at the University of Toulouse (PhD students, since 2018), and in Enzyme Engineering at INSAT (corporates, 2005-2013; international Master BioEco, since 2021).


  • Supervised or co-supervised 10 PhD students and 10 post-doctoral researchers
  • Contribution to research projects:
    • Coordinator of the projects H2020_Catsys (2015-2017), ANR_ASPIRE (2014-2017) and ANR_CAZIBD (2020-2024), INRAE_MetaScreen (2012-2014), MetaCAZymes (2011-2012), and MetaPrebiotics (2009-2011), Toulouse White Biotechnology_SubtilCarbs (2014-2016) and CultissimDrop (2019-2022), Chinese Scholarship Council (2 x 2016-2020, 2020-2024), and of bilateral industrial projects (2013-2015, 2014-2016, 2022-2023, 2022-2025).
    • Scientific leader for INSAT-TBI in the projects Horizon_Bluetools (2022-2026), H2020_MetaFluidics (2016-2020) and Zelcor (2016-2020), ANR_ Oligomet (2016-2020) and Glycoballs (2009- 2012), INRAE_EvolMat (2012-2013).
    • Participation in the projects H2020_RadicalZ (2021-2025), ANR_Reflex (2011-2015), AlimIntest (2007-2010), Toulouse White Biotechnology_Droopy (2017-2019) and OSEO_Thanaplast (2012-2014)
  • Other:
    • Panel-Expert at the HCERES (2022) and President of an HCERES evaluation committee (2021)
    • Vice-chair of the ANR scientific evaluation committee « Biology of animals, plants and micro-organisms/biotechnologies» (2015-2018)
    • Member of the coordination committee of the INRAE metaprogram ‘Meta-omics for microbial ecosystems’, a transversal program covering all the INRAE activities in this field (2011-2017)
    • Member of the Scientific Advisory Boards of TBI (since 2017, in charge of the ‘Biotechnologies for human health’ activities), of INSAT (2014-2018)
    • Member of the INSAT Prospective think-tank (2019)
    • Member of the panel of evaluation of INRAE researcher’s careers (CSS, 2007-2015), and in 8 recruitment panels (INRAE, University of Aix-Marseilles, University of Lille, INSAT).

List of selected publications

Full list of publications @

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