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Sophie Bozonnet


Research engineer INRAE
Head of PICT-ICEO platform

Actual position and research subject

  • In charge of the ICEO facility dedicated to combinatorial engineering and high-throughput screening of original enzymes.
  • Development and set-up of original automatized high-throughput and ultra high-throughput screening strategies.
  • Combinatorial and rational engineering, discovery of enzymes for industrial biotechnology.

Education and Diploma


  • « Protein engineering », course module (50h), University of Sciences and Technology of Hanoi, Bachelor in Pharmacological, Medical and Agronomical Biotechnology (BIO), 2016-2017-2018.

  • “ Enzyme extraction”, lab class,  Biological Engineering, INSA Toulouse, France.

  • “Enzyme production / Purification methods /Immobilisation », Enzyme Systems module, Master Industrial BioTechnology for a Bio-Based Economy (BioTechEco), INSA Toulouse, France.


  • Co-supervised: 4 PhD students
  • Contribution to research projects:

    • FUI – Biocatarom

    • ADEME – BioImpulse

    • ERA-IB – BioSurf


List of selected publications

  • Benkoulouche M, Ben Imeddourene A, Barel LA, Le Heiget G, Pizzut S, Kulyk H, Bellvert F, Bozonnet S, Mulard LA, Remaud-Siméon M, Moulis C, André I (2021). Redirecting substrate regioselectivity using engineered ΔN 123-GBD-CD2 branching sucrases for the production of pentasaccharide repeating units of S. flexneri 3a, 4a and 4b haptens. Sci Rep. 11:2474. doi: 10.1038/s41598-021-81719-1.


  • Gherbovet O, Ferreira F, Clément A, Ragon M, Durand J, Bozonnet S, O’Donohue MJ, Fauré R. (2021) Regioselective chemoenzymatic syntheses of ferulate conjugates as chromogenic substrates for feruloyl esterases. Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 17, 325–333.


  • Wu H, Ioannou E, Henrissat B, Montanier CY, Bozonnet S, O’Donohue MJ, Dumon C. (2020) Investigating the multi-modularity of a GH10 xylanase found in termite gut metagenome. Appl. Environ. Microbiol., doi: 10.1128/AEM.01714-20.


  • Esteves F, Campelo D, Gomes BC, Urban P, Bozonnet S, Lautier T, Rueff J, Truan G, Kranendonk M. (2020) The Role of the FMN-Domain of Human Cytochrome P450 Oxidoreductase in Its Promiscuous Interactions With Structurally Diverse Redox Partners. Front. Pharmacol. 11:299. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2020.00299.


  • Cerullo G, Varriale S, Bozonnet S, Antonopoulou I, Christakopoulos P, Rova U, Gherbovet O, Fauré R, Piechot A, Jütten P, Brás JLA, Fontes CMGA, Faraco V. (2019) Directed evolution of the type C feruloyl esterase from Fusarium oxysporum FoFaeC and molecular docking analysis of its improved variants. New Biotechnol. 51, 14-20.


  • Esteves F, Campelo D, Urban P, Bozonnet S, Lautier T, Rueff J, Truan G, Kranendonk M. (2018) Human cytochrome P450 expression in bacteria: Whole-cell high-throughput activity assay for CYP1A2, 2A6 and 3A4. Biochem. Pharmacol., 158:134-140. doi: 10.1016/j.bcp.2018.10.006.


  • Guo ZP, Duquesne S, Bozonnet S, Nicaud JM, Marty A, O’Donohue MJ. (2017) Expressing accessory proteins in cellulolytic Yarrowia lipolytica to improve the conversion yield of recalcitrant cellulose. Biotechnol. Biofuels., 10:298.


  • Campelo D, Lautier T, Urban P, Esteves F, Bozonnet S, Truan G, Kranendonk M. (2017) The hinge segment of human NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase in conformational switching: the critical role of ionic strength. Front. Pharmacol., 8:755. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2017.00755.


  • Guo ZP, Duquesne S, Bozonnet S, Cioci G, Nicaud JM, Marty A, O’Donohue MJ. (2017) Conferring cellulose-degrading ability to Yarrowia lipolytica to facilitate a consolidated bioprocessing approach. Biotechnol. Biofuels., 10:132.


  • Durand J, Biarnés X, Watterlot L, Bonzom C, Borsenberger V, Planas A, Bozonnet S, O’Donohue MJ, Fauré R. (2016) A Single Point Mutation Alters the Transglycosylation /Hydrolysis Partition, Significantly Enhancing the Synthetic Capability of an endo-Glycoceramidase. ACS Catal., 6 : 8264–8275.


  • Andberg M, Aro-Kärkkäinen N, Carlson P, Oja M, Bozonnet S, Toivari M, Hakulinen N, O’Donohue M, Penttilä M, Koivula A. (2016) Characterization and mutagenesis of two novel iron-sulphur cluster pentonate dehydratases. Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 100 :7549-7563.


  • Gherbovet O, Fauré R, Ferreira F, Durand J, Ragon M, Hostyn G, Record E, Bozonnet S, O’Donohue MJ. (2016) Design of chromogenic probes for efficient screening and evaluation of feruloyl esterase-like activities. J. Mol. Catal. B Enzym. 126 :24-31.


  • Ufarté L, Bozonnet S, Laville E, Cecchini DA, Pizzut-Serin S, Jacquiod S, Demanèche S, Simonet P, Franqueville L, Potocki-Véronèse G. (2015). Functional metagenomics: construction and high-throughput screening of fosmid libraries for discovery of novel carbohydrate-active enzymes. Methods in Molecular Biology (MiMB), Book : Microbial Environmental Genomics (MEG).


  • Méjean C, Morzel C, Neyraud E, Issanchou S, Martin C, Bozonnet S, Urbano C, Schlich P, Hercberg S, Péneau S, Feron G. (2015)  Salivary Flow and Composition are Associated with Liking and Usual Nutrient Intake.  PLoS One, 10(9):e0137473.


  • Lazuka A, Auer L, Bozonnet S, Morgavi DP, O’Donohue MJ, Hernandez-Raquet G. (2015) Efficient anaerobic transformation of raw wheat straw by a robust cow rumen-derived microbial consortium. Bioresource Technology, 196:241-249.


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