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Newsletter #2

décembre 2023

From the gene to the process, discover the TBI lab on video!

Some news and events

prix Alain Line EFCE

Lifetime Recognition Award in Mixing

Prestigious Lifetime Recognition Award in Mixing presented to Alain Liné

Irène Gonzalez Salgado wins the Carnot Network Partnership Prize and the Carnot Grand Prize for Partnership Research!


Launch of the IDBio UNESCO Chair and the Avenir Afrique Foundation

Un nouveau capteur naturel du potentiel antioxydant des molécules

A new natural sensor for the antioxidant potential of molecules

Vanillin to the rescue of filtration membranes for drinking water production

Deep learning: from Sudoku to protein design

Du déchet toxique à un nutriment bénéfique, nouveau regard sur l’acétate

From toxic waste to beneficial nutrient, a new look at acetate

Key challenge "Circulades"

A bacterium capable of reducing visceral pain

Upcoming thesis defenses

A look at our upcoming events…

2023 some highlighted publications

Pole Biocatalyse

Biocatalysis department

Physiology and engineering of microbial metabolism department

Physiology and engineering of microbial metabolism department

  • Gosselin-Monplaisir, T., Dagkesamanskaya, A., Rigal, M., Floch, A., Furger, C., Martin-Yken, H.A. (2023) New Role for Yeast Cells in Health and Nutrition: Antioxidant Power Assessment. Int. J. Mol. Sci.  24,11800.
  • Millard, P., Gosselin-Monplaisir,T., Uttenweiler-Joseph., S., Enjalbert, B. (2023) Acetate is a beneficial nutrient for E. coli at low glycolytic flux. The EMBO Journal 42:e113079 –

Bioprocess and Microbial Engineering department

  • Léa Laguillaumie, Matthieu Peyre Lavigne, Antonio Grimalt-Alemany, Hariklia N. Gavala, Ioannis V. Skiadas, et al.. Microbial competition control between hydrogenotrophic methanogens and homoacetogens for selective production of acetate under hydrogen and carbon dioxide in successive batches. 2023.
  • François Beaudeau, César Arturo Aceves-Lara, Josephine Godilllot, Jean-Roch Mouret, Ioan-Cristian Trelea, et al.. Modelling the effects of assimilable nitrogen addition on fermentation in oenological conditions. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering, In press, 46, pp.941-955.

Sustainable Process Engineering department

  • Irem Demir-Yilmaz, Malak Souad Ftouhi, Stéphane Balayssac, Pascal Guiraud, Christophe Coudret, et al.. Bubble functionalization in flotation process improve microalgae harvesting. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2023, 452 (part 2),
  • M. Avila-Lopez, C.E. Robles Rodriguez, L. Tiruta-Barna, A. Ahmadi. Toward thermal autarky for large-scale biogas plants: Dynamic energy modeling for energy efficiency in anaerobic digesters with enhanced multimembrane gasholders. Fuel, 2023, 339, pp.126978.

Join us

Jobs, internships, theses… find all the offers of TBI

  • Internship : Collection and treatment of biowaste in urban areas; study of a long-term storage process by lactic fermentation
  • Internship: Polymerase Engineering for the Functionalization of BioPolymers
  • Internship: Characterization of the surface properties of the microalga Chlorella vulgaris to optimize its harvesting by flocculation
  • 24 month post-doctoral position in enzyme engineering for building material recycling
  • Postdoctoral position in modeling and mass transfer, for agronomic application
  • Doctoral or Postdoctoral position Evaluation of the environmental performance of Industrial bio-based technologies and products

TBI – Toulouse Biotechnology Institue

135 Avenue de Rangueil, 31077, Toulouse Cedex 4

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