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Etienne RIFA

Etienne RIFA

Etienne RIFA

Bioinformatician / Biostatistician

Actual position and research subject

Analysis on NGS (New Generation Sequencing) data, metabolomic data and omic data in general.

RNAseq, DNAseq, long fragment sequencing on different fields : Genome sequencing, transcriptomic, targeted metagenomic.

Advise the customer on Bioinformatic analysis and Statistical analysis.

Education and Diploma


Initiation course for the use of the R language.

Initiation course for the use of specific R package rANOMALY used for the processing of metabarcoding data


Programming langage: R, python, bash

List of selected publications


  • Meola, Marco, Etienne Rifa, Noam Shani, Céline Delbès, Hélène Berthoud, et Christophe Chassard. « DAIRYdb: a manually curated reference database for improved taxonomy annotation of 16S rRNA gene sequences from dairy products ». BMC Genomics 20, no 1 (8 juillet 2019): 560.


  • Frétin, Marie, Amaury Gérard, Anne Ferlay, Bruno Martin, Solange Buchin, Sébastien Theil, Etienne Rifa, et al. « Integration of Multiomic Data to Characterize the Influence of Milk Fat Composition on Cantal-Type Cheese Microbiota ». Microorganisms 10, no 2 (février 2022): 334.


  • Piqueras, Justine, Christophe Chassard, Cécile Callon, Etienne Rifa, Sébastien Theil, Annick Lebecque, et Céline Delbès. « Lactic Starter Dose Shapes S. Aureus and STEC O26:H11 Growth, and Bacterial Community Patterns in Raw Milk Uncooked Pressed Cheeses ». Microorganisms 9, no 5 (mai 2021): 1081.


  • Pham, Van Thanh, Christophe Chassard, Etienne Rifa, Christian Braegger, Annelies Geirnaert, Vanesa Natalin Rocha Martin, et Christophe Lacroix. « Lactate Metabolism Is Strongly Modulated by Fecal Inoculum, PH, and Retention Time in PolyFermS Continuous Colonic Fermentation Models Mimicking Young Infant Proximal Colon ». MSystems 4, no 4 (27 août 2019): e00264-18.