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Denis Jallet


INRAE Research Scientist (Associate)

Actual position and research subject

I am currently a staff researcher for INRAE at the Toulouse Biotechnology Institute, as part of the METASYS team that gathers scientists studying microbial metabolic networks and their regulation. I am particularly interested in combining reverse genetics, synthetic biology, metabolomic and modelling approaches to study one carbon (C1) compounds assimilation in natural autotrophs (cyanobacteria, microalgae) as well as in synthetic autotrophs (methylotrophic or autotrophic Escherichia coli strains).

My main project currently aims at harnessing the power of bacterial microcompartments (BMCs) to turn them into C1 compounds assimilation powerhouses.

Education and Diploma


  • iGEM Toulouse-UPS team supervisor

List of selected publications

All my recent publications can be found on ORCID