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Engineer INRAE

Actual position and research subject

Analytical chemistry, Biochemistry and Microbiology)

– study of the biodiversity and production of GABA in lactococci

– study of the biodiversity of the aromatic capacities of Lactococcus lactis

Education and Diploma

List of selected publications

  • Laroute V, Mazzoli R, Loubière P, Pessione E, Cocaign-Bousquet M.  Environmental conditions affecting GABA production in Lactococcus lactis NCDO 2118. Microorganisms (2021) Jan 7;9(1):122. doi: 10.3390/microorganisms9010122
  • Nebbia S, Lamberti C, Lo Bianco G, Cirrincione S, Laroute V, Cocaign-Bousquet M, Cavallarin L, Giuffrida MG, Pessione E. Antimicrobial potential of food lactic acid bacteria: bioactive peptide decrypting from caseins and bacteriocin production. Microorganisms (2021), 9, 65, doi:10.3390/microorganisms9010065
  • Canon F, Mariadassou M, Maillard MB, Falentin H, Parayre S, Madec MN, Valence-Bertel F, Henry G, Laroute V, Daveran-Mingot ML, Cocaign-Bousquet M, Thierry A, Gagnaire V. Function-driven design of lactic acid bacteria co-cultures to produce new fermented food associating milk and lupin. Front Microbiol. (2020) doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2020.584163
  • Laroute V, Tormo H, Couderc C, Mercier-Bonin M, Le Bourgeois P, Cocaign-Bousquet M, Daveran-Mingot ML. From Genome to Phenotype: An Integrative Approach to Evaluate the Biodiversity of Lactococcus lactis. Microorganisms. (2017) May 19;5(2).
  • Laroute V, Yasaro C, Narin W, Mazzoli R, Pessione E, Cocaign-Bousquet M, Loubière P. (2016) GABA Production in Lactococcus lactis Is Enhanced by Arginine and Co-addition of Malate. Front Microbiol. 2016 Jul 6;7:1050
  • Passerini D., Laroute V., Coddeville M., Le Bourgeois P., Loubière P., Ritzenthaler P., Cocaign-Bousquet M. (1), and Daveran-Mingot M.L (1). New insights into Lactococcus lactis diacetyl- and acetoin-producing strains isolated from diverse origins. Int.J. Food Microbiol. (2013) 160:329-36
  • Patent n° WO 2020/157297 Lactococcus lactis strains for the prevention and/or the treatment of visceral pain. (M Cocaign-Bousquet, ML Daveran Mingot, Eutamene, V Laroute, M Mercier-Bonin, V.Theodorou)