PhD defence Quentin Ramette

Quentin Ramette

The thesis will be held publicly in French on Tuesday December 13, 2022 at 2:30 pm, in the VINCI Amphithéâtre.

Title of the thesis: Construction of cellulolytic strains of Clostridium acetobutylicum for the production of bulk chemicals.

Jury composition:

  • Philippe SOUCAILLE - Professor at INSA, Toulouse -Dissertation Director 
  • Tom WILDING-STEELE - Post-Doctoral student at INSA, Toulouse -Co-Supervisor
  • Andrew TOLONEN - Researcher at Génoscope, Evry - Reporter
  • Chantal TARDIF - Professor at the University of Aix Marseille, Marseille - Reporter 
  • Isabelle MEYNIAL-SALLES - Professor at INSA, Toulouse - Examiner 
  • Goetz PARSIEGLA - Lecturer at the University of Aix-Marseille, Marseille -Examiner 

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