SOPHyE team

Topic "Processes for the valorization of agro-resources and residual biomasses"

A few words

In the transformation towards the Bioeconomy and ecoprocesses

In the transformation towards the Bioeconomy and ecoprocesses, the valorization of biomasses with medium and high added value appears as an essential stake to ensure the economic viability of new value chains. Thus, the use of poorly exploited resources, without competition for human food, is proposed to provide new alternative products to sectors such as food, cosmetics or health. Among the most sought-after components, plant proteins with multiple applications, both nutritional and non-nutritional, and polyphenols are the subject of research. Separation processes (chromatography, membrane processes, etc.) that are eco-designed and efficient are studied with a multi-scale approach, from the molecule to the semi-industrial pilot. Experimental studies are deepened by modeling and numerical simulation, which allows to prove their feasibility but also optimization and scale-up. The use of real environments ensures the consideration of their particularities, marked by complexity and their strong evolutionary character.

Ongoing projects 


Creation of functional particles by spray-drying technology in the form of mono- or multi-constituent solids

Partners: RAPSODEE (IMT Mines Albi), Ovalie Innovation


Modeling intermolecular interactions in complex media from green biomass for the development of innovative membrane filtration processes to obtain biomolecules of interest.

Doctoral grant INSA (2021-2024)

Valorization of plant proteins by membrane processes: role of Protein - Polyphenol - Material interactions

Doctoral grant (2021-2024)