PhD defence Eliot WANTZ

Soutenance d’Eliot WANTZ

La soutenance de thèse d’Eliot WANTZ aura lieu à Toulouse au TBI le jeudi 25 mai à 9h00 salle 400.

 His thesis deals with the development of a new biogas purification process based on pressurized water washing and adapted to small biogas productions.

Website project EPUROGAZ :

Abstract: Biogas purification for small production units (from 20 to 40 Nm3/h) is a challenge for the French energy transition. The economic profitability of this sector allowing its insertion and expansion in the territorial scheme of energy production requires in particular the reduction of costs associated with purification processes. The Epurogaz process of purification by washing with water under pressure, developed in this work, is innovative in its design and allows to reach purification performances respecting the requirements of the field, in particular for the injection of biomethane in the gas distribution network. Its performances have been proven during an experimental campaign carried out on a farm methanization site, using a full-scale experimental prototype. The economic profitability of the process has been proven as well as its low environmental impact through a life cycle analysis.

Members of the jury: Annabelle Couvert, Pierre Buffière, Caroline Gentric, Rainier Hreiz, Jérémie Priarollo, Gilles Hébrard, and Nicolas Dietrich.

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