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Topic "NMR of Enzymes"

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NMR of Enzymes

Enzymes play a key role in almost all biological processes, accelerating a variety of metabolic reactions as well as controlling energy transduction, the transcription, and translation of genetic information, and signaling. They possess the remarkable capacity to accelerate reactions by many orders of magnitude compared to their uncatalyzed counterparts, making feasible crucial processes that would otherwise not occur on biologically relevant timescales. Understanding the catalytic power of enzymes on a molecular level could open the way towards novel and improved enzymes. Our team uses NMR spectroscopy to monitor the mechanistic details of several enzymes.


Ongoing projects


The project with Carbios focuses on PETases, enzymes that degrade the PET plastic. In collaboration with the EAD1, we have studied dextran sucrases and focus currently on xylanases.
En collaboration avec CIMEs, nous avons étudié les dextran sucrases et nous nous concentrons actuellement sur les xylanases.