ANR New Eco-Routes

How to build new eco-designed biotransformation routes?

To be sustainable, bioeconomy routes must integrate both environmental, social and economic issues. Using biotechnological processes is promising to produce added-value molecules from various renewable biomass resources and by-products. Relevant and efficient combinations of unit operations must be involved to transform available resource(s) into chemical(s) integrating economic and environmental assessments at early stage. This project proposes the development of a methodology for optimizing a bioprocess which considers both production performance (productivity, yield, titer), extraction (yield, selectivity, purity) and the environmental footprint (life cycle analysis). By combining (bio)chemical engineering models with environmental assessment (life cycle analysis), the objective will be to optimize the overall integrated process by considering multiple criteria at the same time, and therefore to find a sustainable (bio)production chain configurations.


Coordination Microbial production and modelling


Extraction processes and modeling

Chemical Eng.Modeling and Environmental Assessment



Funding= 507 k€

Total = 1.05 M€



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