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Topic Systemic optimization of the " Reactor - Microorganism " couple

A few words

Outperforming production

Coupling modeling and experiments, the objective is to outperform the performances achieved in batch-mode culture conditions in order to access the best titers, productivity and/or yields by managing cellular activity and implementing the fermentation strategy relevant to ensure the robustness of the "Microorganism-Bioreactor" system.

Fametech 3

Ongoing projects

AstroPOU Project


Study, feasibility of production of food sources (proteins), and biopolymers for astronauts (INSA/CNES)

  • The objective is to define ways of valorisation of organic waste by microbial transformation for the production of POU and biopolymers within a Life Support system of a future Lunar and Martian station.
  • Partners: TBI-FAME (Coord.), CNES



How to build new eco-designed biotransformation routes (ANR – PRC)

  • The ANR New Ecoroutes proposes to develop a methodology for the eco-design of emerging biotechnological processes based on the coupling of predictive modelling of bioprocesses and life cycle analysis that can be extrapolated to the industrial scale.
  • Partners: TBI-FAME (Coord), UCAI UMR 1010 INRAe INP Toulouse, SAYFOOD UMR 782 INRAe AgroPArisTech

NutriPOU Project


From optimized production to the characterization of nutritional potentialities of proteins from bacterial and yeast unicellular organisms (Inter Institut Carnot 3BCAR/QUALIMENT)

  • Within the framework of our NutriPOU project, it is proposed to evaluate the potential of this alternative protein resource for human nutrition by an integrative approach taking into account the aspects of production, PSD, biochemical and nutritional characterization and benefits and/or risks on health.
  • Partners: TBI (FAME), UCAI-UMR1010, PNCA-UMR914, CRT-CATAR

OptiPOU Project


Modulation of Protein Production of Unicellular Organisms by a Nutritional Engineering Approach (Carnot Institute 3BCAR)

  • The OptiPOU project aims to evaluate i) the potential of two yeasts (in mono and/or co-culture) to produce custom protein mixes by fermentation, ii) to extract and purify them if necessary, in particular by limiting the nucleic acid content to trace amounts (<2%) for use in human food.
  • Partners: TBI (FAME), UCAI-UMR1010, CRT-CATAR



Stratégies de contrôle en temps réel de la production d’arômes en fermentation œnologique- STrategies for the real-time control of ARoma production during WINE fermentation (ANR – PRC).

Le projet ANR Starwine vise à contrôler l’arôme fruité des vins grâce au développement de stratégies innovantes de contrôle en temps réel du procédé fermentaire œnologique, en utilisant un modèle mathématique prédictif. La contribution de l’équipe est le développement du modèle mathématique qui doit permettre de décrire la dynamique de production des arômes en fermentation anisotherme avec ajout d’azote.

  • Les partenaires du projet sont  : UMR SPO (INRAE Montpellier), UE Pech Rouge (INRAE), UMR MISTEA (INRAE Montpellier), UMR GMPA (INRAE Grignon), TBI (INSA Toulouse).

TEREOS Project


Study of the production of proteins by yeast from sugars (Industrial project)

  • The TEREOS project aims at evaluating a new value chain for the production of yeast proteins for animal and/or human food.
  • Partners: TBI (FAME), TEREOS

RAY CELL Project


Design of a reactor for the study of radiation cell interactions (3BCAR consolidation project)

  • The RAY CELL project aims at defining a reactor geometry allowing a controlled insolation in order to induce targeted microbial processes by light radiation, (random mutagenesis to UV for the robustness of strains, heterogeneous productions by opto-genetic microorganisms...)
  • Partners: TBI (FAME & TIM)