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The Mcube program means Micro Modular Integrated Methanisation in the agronomic Biological and Economic cycle of agricultural farms.



The objective is to develop the micro-anaerobic digestion is consistent with the size of agricultural exploitations in France. Indeed, these farms are scattered over a territory and mainly of small size. Their feedstock are manures and plant materials. In this context, the micro-methanisation targets powers of 20 to 75 kWe. There is a large potential market but the conditions of development of this sector are still not totally satisfied. The technological offers make the economic profitability hazardous. The deployment of the micro-anaerobic digestion at the farm scale thus requires technological breakthroughs (choice of material other than concrete for the reactor, improvement of civil engineering solutions, modular processes, development of low cost cogeneration system, ...). This approach should provide standardized solutions for a low cost technology (no need for preliminary studies, etc.).


The program consortium is made of research organizations, agricultural cooperatives and technological firms. The technology will be evaluated through a laboratory pilot (1/10 scale) and on two demonstrators. This project is a technological research project of TRL 4 to 7. Two demonstration sites have already been identified: a duck breeding farm and a cattle livestock farm.


Consortium :


Ecole Purpan (INP)







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