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EAD9 : Symbiose
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INSA de Toulouse
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31077 Toulouse cedex 4 - FRANCE
yolaine.bessiere @ insa-toulouse.fr



Academic Qualification

2000: Master in physico-chemical processes from Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France

2002: Graduated in chemical engineering from ENSIACET, Toulouse, France

2005: PhD in Chemical engineering and environment from the University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France. “Filtration frontale sur membrane: mise en évidence du volume filtré critique pour l’anticipation et la maîtrise du colmatage » 

Professional Experiences

Since oct. 2007: Assistant professor at the National Institute of Applied Sciences in the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering.



Research Topics

Field of research: biological treatment and valorization of wastewaters

  • Physical characterization of aggregates (flocs, granular sludge, biofilm)
  • Modeling biological processes in densified aggregates (microbial population distribution in regards with transport limitation phenomena)

Funding programmes

ANR PRECODD : BIOFiME (2009-2011) Maîtrise Intégrée des BIOfilms Papetiers par Actions Combinées à Faible IMpact Environnemental

Industrial contract : Total (2010-2013)

Industrial contract : SUEZ (2014-2018)

ANR ECO-TS : CHWWEPS (2013-2018) CarboHydrate from WasteWater to ExoPolySaccharide : Waste and effluent Carbohydrate Valorization for the Production of ExoPolysaccharides of commercial interest




Assistant professor at INSA Toulouse:

-      Chemical engineering

-      Thermodynamics

-      Mass transfer

-      Biological processes




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