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Stéphanie HEUX


Stephanie HEUX

Researcher INRA


+33 (0) 5 61 55 93 55

INSA de Toulouse

135 avenue de Rangueil

31077 Toulouse cedex 4 - FRANCE



  •   2017- now : Leader of the MetaSys Team, LISBP, Toulouse,
  •   2009- now : Researcher at National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA), LISBP, Toulouse,
  •  2006-2008: Post-doctoral position at the Institute of Molecular Systems Biology, ETH, Zürich, Switzerland. Funded by Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships (FP6-2005)
  •   2006: PhD in Microbiology and Molecular Biology. INRA, UMR-SPO, Montpellier, France.
  •   2002: Engineer degree in agro-business and biotechnology, AgroSup, Dijon.




Microbiology: Fermentation process (small and high throughput) in batch or chemostat with S.cerevisiae and E. coli. Metabolic engineering. Synthetic biology. Metabolomics and fluxomics.
Biophysics: NMR, mass spectrometry and chromatography (GC‐MS, GC‐TOF, LC‐MS‐MS, DIMS‐MS), fluorimetry.
Mathematics: Statistical analysis, Machine Learning, modelling, R, and Matlab.
Molecular biology: PCR, cloning, transformation.



My research aimed at developing innovative and original biotechnological processes using E. coli (or other) as a cell factory for upgrading biomass for biofuels, power and/or bioproducts. Specifically, I try to understand the organization and functioning of natural and synthetic metabolic networks at the cellular level using metabolomics and fluxomics. I then use this knowledge to design and optimize new synthetic metabolic pathways.



Heux, S., Bergès, C., Millard, P., Portais, J.-C., Letisse, F. (Auteur de correspondance) (2017). Recent advances in high-throughput 13C-fluxomics. Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 43, 104-109. DOI : 10.1016/j.copbio.2016.10.010 


Lessmeier L, Pfeifenschneider J, Carnicer M, Heux S, Portais JC, Wendisch VF: Production of carbon-13-labeled cadaverine by engineered Corynebacterium glutamicum using carbon-13-labeled methanol as co-substrate. Applied microbiology and biotechnology 2015.


Heux S, Meynial-Salles I, O'Donohue MJ, Dumon C: White biotechnology: state of the art strategies for the development of biocatalysts for biorefining. Biotechnology advances 2015.


Müller JE, Meyer F, Litsanov B, Kiefer P, Potthoff E, Heux S, Quax WJ, Wendisch VF, Brautaset T, Portais JC, Vorholt JA. (2015). Engineering Escherichia coli for methanol conversion. Metab Eng.4;28C:190-201. 


Vieira G, Carnicer M, Portais JC, Heux S. (2014). FindPath: a Matlab solution for in silico design of synthetic metabolic pathways. Bioinformatics. 15;30(20):2986-8.


Heux S, Poinot J, Massou S, Sokol S, Portais JC. (2014). A novel platform for automated high-throughput fluxome profiling of metabolic variants. Metab Eng. ;25:8-19.


Heux S, Fuchs TJ, Buhmann J, Zamboni N, Sauer U. (2011). A high-throughput metabolomics method to predict high concentration cytotoxicity of drugs from low concentration profiles. Metabolomics 8 (3). 


Heux, S, Cachon, R, Dequin, S. (2006). Cofactor engineering in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: expression of a H2O-forming NADH oxidase and impact on redox metabolism. Metab Eng, 8, 303-14.


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