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Department of sustainable chemical engineering, SOPHYE team

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INSA de Toulouse

135 avenue de Rangueil

31077 Toulouse cedex 4 - FRANCE


ORCID 0000-0003-1266-8051


Chemical Engineering degree

Ph.D. and post-doctoral degree (HDR) in Process engineering and environment, University Lyon I



Research Topics

Current professional interest and research activity in chemical engineering especially in relation with environmental goals, eco-design of bio-chemical processes, impact and risk assessment and pollutant emission modelling.


Sustainable bio-chemical technologies through environmental assessment and eco-design approaches:

- Development of integrated modelling platforms for predictive and parameterized LCA dedicated to eco-design of bio-chemical processes. Platforms couple specialized and homemade IT tools for

Process Modelling & Simulation - LCA - Efficient Multi-Objective Optimization  


Methodological developments, new models and IT tools in Sustainability science:

- Building a new Life Cycle Assessment method (dynamic LCA) by including time dimension in value chains’ representation and dynamic functioning of processes;

- Thermodynamics-based assessment methods (Emergy, Exergy) - development and application in the field of industrial processes. 


Environmental impact and risk assessment of materials:

Application of thermodynamic, geochemical and mass transfer modelling to assess the environmental behaviour of materials under various environmental conditions - modelling of pollutants emission from materials, wastes and soils, and of the impact of pollutant release on water sources.



Teaching activity in the department of Process Engineering and Environment, INSA Toulouse. Teaching areas:

-chemical engineering

-environmental assessment tools (LCA) and eco-design of processes.



Recent Publications



Several publications

L Tiruta-Barna, E Benetto, A conceptual framework and interpretation of emergy algebra., Ecol. Engineering. (53) 2013, 290-298

Y. Mery, L. Tiruta-Barna, E. Benetto, I. Baudin, An integrated Process Modeling-Life Cycle Assessment approach for process evaluation and eco-design, Int J of LCA, 18,(5)  (2013), 1062-1070

Maria Lupsea, Ligia Tiruta-Barna, Nicoleta Schiopu, Ute Schoknecht, Modelling inorganic and organic biocide leaching from CBA-amine (Copper–Boron–Azole) treated wood based on characterisation leaching tests, Science of the Total Environment 461–462 (2013) 645–654

A B Bisinella de Faria, M. Spérandio, A. Ahmadi, L. Tiruta-Barna, Evaluation of new alternatives in wastewater treatment plants based on Dynamic Modelling and Life Cycle Assessment (DM-LCA), Water Research 84 (2015) 99-111

L Tiruta-Barna, Y Pigné, T. Navarrete Gutiérrez, E. Benetto, Framework and computational tool for the consideration of time dependency in Life Cycle Inventory: proof of concept. Journal of Cleaner Production, 116 (2016) 198-206

A H Shimako, L Tiruta-Barna, Y Pigné, E Benetto, T Navarrete Gutiérrez, P Guiraud, A Ahmadi, Environmental assessment of bioenergy production from microalgae based systems, Journal of Cleaner Production, 139, 2016, 51-60

A H Shimako, L Tiruta-Barna, A Ahmadi, Operational integration of time dependent toxicity impact category in dynamic LCA, Science of the Total Environment, 599–600, 2017, 806-819

Ahmadi, A., Severac, E., Monties, N., Claverie, M., Remaud-Simeon, M., Moulis C., Tiruta-Barna, L., 2019, Eco-design approach for an innovative production process of low molar mass dextran. Green Chemistry, 21, 2019, 4512 – 4531

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Pigné, Y., Navarrete Gutiérrez T., Gibon T., Schaubroeck T., Popovici E., Shimako A.H., Benetto E., Tiruta-Barna L., 2019, A tool to operationalize dynamic LCA, including time-differentiation on the complete background database, Int JLCA, 25 (2019) 267-279



Example of research projects

ANR international, DyPLCA - Environmental assessment of Dynamic Processes – considering time dependency in Life Cycle Assessment). 2014-2018

Région-Université Fédérale Toulouse, ECOMEM - Ecoconception des membranes pour le traitement de l’eau. 2015-2018.

3BCar, ECOTRANSFORM - Evaluation environnementale et Ecoconception de procédés immatures de transformation de bio-ressources. 2017-2018

FNR Luxembourg, OASIS - optimization based integrated process modelling – LCA. Application to potable water production. C13/SR/5871061 FNR, 2013-2016

H2020,  2G BIOPIC Second Generation BIoethanol sustainable production based on Organosolv Process at atmospherIc Conditions.  2015-2019

ANR, EVALEAU Evaluation des performances environnementales et économiques intégrées de procédés de production d’eau potable, 2009-2013