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Claire DUMAS

Claire DUMAS

INRAE research scientist

Bioprocess Engineering,

+33 (0) 5 67 04 88 49

INSA de Toulouse

135 avenue de Rangueil

31077 Toulouse cedex 4 - FRANCE

claire.dumas @ inrae.fr

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Actual position and research subject

I am a researcher at the National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA) in bioprocesses engineering from 2008.My work focused on the characterization of solids (physical and biochemical) to predict their anaerobic biodegradability and understand their biodegradation. Since my recruitment, I was involved in national research projects (3 contracts ANR, and one of the INRA institute), one European and one funded by the Carnot Institute (3 projects and 2 as a coordinator). I supervised or co-supervised PhD students, three postdocs, one engineer, 11 master degree students and 2 technician students. In parallel to my research activities, I was teaching in the University Technological Institute (between 30 and 40 hours per year).In september 2014, I move to the team Microbial ecosystem and purification and recovery processes in the Laboratory of Biological Systems and Processes Engineering (LISBP). My research focuses on link between transfer phenomena and microbial reactions. Particularly I am working on the microbial processes that occur during the solid state-fermentation of the residues (i.e. wastes, lignocelllulosic biomass…) in bioprocesses with the view to valorization the organic carbon and to understand and optimize the interaction between microbes and substrates during these microbial transformations. Another large part of my activities concerned the CO2 (and CO) transformation towards energy (biological methanation) and platform molecules (gaseous fermentation) Now, I am involved in 1 national ANR project and coordinator of precompetitive TWB project. Since January 2021, I am animating the team SYMBIOSE at TBI



Education and Diploma

2007 : PhD in Chemical Engineering and Environnement – National Polytechnic Institute (INP) – Toulouse

2004: Master degree in Chemical Engineering and Environnement – National institute of applied sciences (INSA)

2004: Engineer in Chemical Engineering and Environnement - National institute of applied sciences (INSA) – Toulouse.

2001-2004 : National institute of applied sciences (INSA) – Toulouse

1999-2001 : National institute of applied sciences (INSA) – Rouen 



Professional experience

Since September 2014: Researcher at the Toulouse Biotechnology Institute (TBI) Toulouse (France). Hytherto, focusing on interaction between solid substrates and microorganisms.

September-December 2010: Stay at the Advanced Water Management Center - University of Queensland - Brisbane (Australia) working with D. Batstone and P. Jensen.

From September 2008-August 2014: Researcher at the Laboratory for Environmental Biotechnology (LBE) in charge of the subject « characterization and biological transformation of solid organic residues »  (agricultural residues, municipal waste , algae ... ) by anaerobic digestion- Narbonne (France)

2007-2008 : Post-doctorate in GPE - Laboratoire d’Ingénierie des Systèmes Biologiques et des Procédés (LISBP)-Toulouse. « Etude et modélisation de la digestion anaérobie des boues : effet d’un co-traitement aérobie hyperthermophile sur la biodégradabilité des boues. »

 2004-2007 : PhD student in Chemical Engineering and Environnement – Chemical Engineering laboratory (LGC) – Toulouse. Microbially assisted electrochemical catalysis in fuel cells.

 2004 : Master degree trainee -  Laboratory of Process Engineering and Environment - Toulouse. "Modeling and numerical simulation of population balances floc in MATLAB. "

2003 : Internship - UNILEVER Research center- Vlaardingen (Netherlands). "Study of the starch rheology in an innovative steam injection process during the manufacture of soups for sterilization and swelling starches. 



- National Institute of Applied Sciences INSA (Thermochemical pratical work) - Toulouse (2015 à 2017 et 2019)

- Professional License "Ecodépoll" Narbonne (2012-2013)

- Technological University Institute of Chemical Engineering Narbonne (2008-2013)

- Technological University Institute of Chemical Engineering of Toulouse (2004-2008)

- National Institute of Applied Sciences INSA (Excel / Access and electrochemistry) - Toulouse (2004-2008)

- formation to professionals from SEPPIC(2h) on  hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass (2019)


Managing student activities

17 master trainees

2 technician trainees

1 Engineer

4 Post-doctoral students

(Co)-Supervision of 4 PhD students and 1 indian PhD student (8 months stay)


Supervision and contribution to research projects

2021-2023: Coordinator of GAS2ORGANICS: Proof of Concept of an integrated process coupling microbial production and membrane separation of organic acids and alcohols from CO2

2018-2021: LOOP4PACK : Sustainable bioplastics from agro-industrial residues to close the packaging loop

2017 2019: Coordinator of HYDROMET : HYDROgénation du CO2 renouvelable pour la production de METhane funded by Occitanie region

2017-2020: Coordinator of RECOWER “pRocEss COupling fermentation and separation for solid WastE valorization”. Funding from Carnot Institute 3BCAR

2016-2019: THERMOMIC “THERMOdynamic framework for modelling MICrobial growth and community dynamics”. ANR funding

2015-2017: Local coordinator of HYCABIOME project “HYdrogen and CArbon dioxyd conversion by BIOlogical Methanation”- ADEME National funding

2014-2019: HIGH-SOLIDS project: Synthons production from lignocellulosic biomass by microbial consortia: assessing the impact of innovative reactive-extrusion pretreatment and high-solids load processes.  – ANR funding.

2013-2020: Biomass for the future project– ANR Funding

2012-2015: STOCKACTIF project: active storage of biomass to facilitate industrial transformation – ANR funding

2013-2014 (24 months): Coordinator of INSYME project – Funding from Carnot Institute 3BCAR

2011-2013 (14 months): Coordinator PEACE 2 project - Funding from Carnot Institute 3BCAR

2010-2011 (12 months): Responsible LBE the PEACE project: - Funding from Carnot Institute 3BCAR

2009-2012 : Contribution to ANAMIX project : Characterization of rheological parameters and transfer processes for the improvement of biogas by dry - National funding

2009-2012: Scientific Responsible for the LBE of WINSEAFUEL : Production of macro -algae in the open sea for a valuation biomethane and other bioproducts - ANR funding

2008-2010: European Staff Exchange Project PEOPLE Marie Curie (France -Australia- Netherlands ) – European funding


INRAE andTBI Animation and responsabilities

Scientific council of INRAE TRANSFORM

Animation of Functions and not products Action at INRAE TRANSFORM

Animation of Symbiose team at TBI


Expertises and research evaluation

Members of selection boards: Concourse of lecturer at the University of Marseille - BCF ( Biotechnology Laboratory of Filamentous Fungi now BFF ) . " Production of new enzymes fermenter "

Concourse of lecturer at the University of Limoges - ENSIL - GRESE (Grouping water research, Soil and the Environment) "Characterization of organic matter and water quality in natural and anthropogenic environment. "

-CSS INRAE SIAM&R 2021-2024




Scientific publications

  1. Rafrafi, Yan, Léa Laguillaumie, et Claire Dumas. « Biological methanation of H2 and CO2 with mixed cultures: current advances, hurdles and challenges. » Waste and Biomass Valorization, in revision.
  2.  Paul, Etienne, Yolaine Bessière, Claire Dumas, et Elisabeth Girbal-Neuhauser. « Biopolymers Production from Wastes and Wastewaters by Mixed Microbial Cultures: Strategies for Microbial Selection ». Waste and Biomass Valorization, 29 septembre 2020. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12649-020-01252-6.
  3. Dumas, Claire, Lars Ditlev Mørck Ottosen, Renaud Escudié, et Paul Jensen. « Editorial: Biological Methanation or (Bio/Syn)-Gas Upgrading ». Frontiers in Energy Research 8 (31 mars 2020). https://doi.org/10.3389/fenrg.2020.00030.
  4. Digan, Laura, Pierre Horgue, Gérald Debenest, Simon Dubos, Sébastien Pommier, Etienne Paul, et Claire Dumas. « An improved hydrodynamic model for percolation and drainage dynamics for household and agricultural waste beds ». Waste Management 98 (1 octobre 2019): 69‑80. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.wasman.2019.07.027.
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