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Aras Ahmadi

Maître de conférences, INSA-Toulouse


+33 (0) 561559782

INSA de Toulouse
135 avenue de Rangueil
31077 Toulouse cedex 4 - FRANCE
aras.ahmadi @ insa-toulouse.fr




Process engineering & Environment, Eco-design

Evolutionary algorithms and metaheuristics 




Multi-objective optimization, Rational use of energy

Life Cycle Assessment, Thermodynamics



Ahmadi Aras, Memory-based Adaptive Partitioning (MAP) of search space for the enhancement of convergence in Pareto-based multi-objective evolutionary algorithms, Applied Soft Computing 41 (2016) 400–417

Ahmadi Aras, Tiruta-Barna Ligia, Capitanescu Florin, Benetto Enrico, Marvuglia Antonino, An archive-based multi-objective evolutionary algorithm with adaptive search space partitioning to deal with expensive optimization problems: application to process eco-design, Computers and Chemical Engineering 87 (2016) 95–110

Bisinella de Faria A.B., Sperandio M., Ahmadi A., Tiruta-Barna L., Evaluation of new alternatives in wastewater treatment plants based on dynamic modelling and life cycle assessment (DM-LCA), Water Research 84 (2015) 99-111.

Capitanescu F., Ahmadi A., Benetto E., Marvuglia A., Tiruta-Barna L., Some efficient approaches for multi-objective constrainedoptimization of computationally expensive black-box model problems, Computers and Chemical Engineering 82 (2015) 228–239.

Ahmadi A., Barna L., A Process Modelling-Life Cycle Assessment-MultiObjective Optimization tool for the eco-design of conventional treatment processes of potable water, Journal of Cleaner Production 100 (2015) 116-125.