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Alain LINE

Alain LINE
+33 (0)5 61 55 97 86
INSA de Toulouse
135 avenue de Rangueil
31077 Toulouse cedex 4 - FRANCE



Engineer degree, 1981, Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics, INPT-ENSEEIHT
PhD, 1983, Fluid Mechanics, INPT- IMFT
INPT : National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse
ENSEEIHT : Engineering School Electronic, Electrotechnic, Informatics and Hydraulics, Toulouse
IMFT : Fluid Mechanics Institute, Toulouse

1985-1989 CNRS Researcher, Multiphase Flow Group at IMFT, Toulouse
1989-1994 INPT Assistant-professor, Fluid Mechanics at ENSEEIHT, Toulouse
since 1994 INSA Professor, Fluid Mechanics in Chemical Engineering Dept
INSA : National Institute of Applied Sciences (Engineer School)
CNRS : National Center for Scientific Research

2002-2006 Director of the laboratory LIPE (Chemical Engineering Laboratory mainly applied to Water Production and Waste-Water Treatment) , Toulouse
2002-2006 Deputy-director of a federation FERMaT (federation of research laboratories in Chemical Engineering and Fluid Mechanics) , Toulouse
2007-2009 Deputy-director of the laboratory LISBP (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Laboratory) , Toulouse



Multiphase flow in pipeline: stratified, slug, bubbly, annular flows, in collaboration with IFP (Institut Français du Pétrole) and TOTAL, since 1983
Gas-liquid reactor (airlift, bubble columns): experiments and modelling, mainly applied to water production, in collaboration with ONDEO (Suez-Environnement) Drinking Water Virtual PlantTM 1994-2004
Mixing: experiments (PIV) and modelling (URANS, LES), since 1994
Interaction between aeration and membrane fooling, mainly applied to water treatment, in collaboration with VEOLIA
Interaction between hydrodynamics and biofilms, flocs and microorganisms, applied to bioreactors



Transport phenomena, Momentum transfer and turbulence, Multiphase flows
Applied Mathematics, Computational Fluid Dynamics for Chemical Engineering
Co-author of a book on transport phenomena :
JP Couderc, C. Gourdon, A. Liné, Phénomènes de Transfert en Génie des Procédés, Ed Tec&Doc, Lavoisier, 2008 (820 pages).



Multiphase flow in pipeline

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Gas-liquid reactor

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Interaction between hydrodynamics and biofilms, flocs and microorganisms

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