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ESOF Session Biopesticides

Dans le cadre de l'ESOF, le 11 juillet, Luc FILLAUDEAU et Jerome CUBERO - INSA,  animeront une session sur les Biopesticides.


Open Innovation for Biopesticides: a new paradigm


Although traditional innovation used to be a vertical process within companies, a new open innovation paradigm has emerged with a triple-helix model involving interactions between policy-makers, academia and industry and even a quadruple helix with the growing involvement of civil society. In this context, the Horizon2020-funded IPM-4-CITRUS project uses an interdisciplinary, intersectoral and international approach to optimise bioproduction processes and develop new biopesticides in the Mediterranean region. By proposing a feasibility study for future spin-off activities and new production lines, the project is directly confronted with the opportunities & obstacles related to bringing innovative ideas to the market. Through the innovative concept of "Interactive Panel" we propose to stimulate ideas from the audience and create a real-life open innovation platform to build up a SWOT analysis of biopesticide innovation. Upon entering the room, the public will be provided with coloured post-its with sentences regarding intersectoral interactions in the field of biopesticides. For a few minutes, they will classify the post-its on paper-boards according to the SWOT matrix and a special poster will be devoted to questions. 5-6 panelists from various countries (France, Tunisia, Lebanon, Turkey) and sectors (academia, industry) will then be asked to pick random topics, present their own perspectives and react to the audience's first classification. Examples of questions to be tackled are: how can interdisciplinarity benefit/hinder the development of biopesticides? What role can policy-making play? How can civil society be heard? Which economic model could integrate all stakeholders' expectations? After this discussion, time will be devoted to answering questions. Through interactive exchanges, the participants will learn about the challenges of bringing innovative biopesticides to the market and starting new businesses in this field in various countries.

Submitted by Luc FILLAUDEAU - INSA Toulouse, LISBP and Jerome CUBERO - INSA Toulouse / L.I.S.B.P.

Speakers :
Laurent AUGIER - Agri Sud-Ouest InnovationNadia BEN SAID - MediSLuc FILLAUDEAU - INSA Toulouse, LISBPMireille KALLASSY AWAD - Université Saint JosephSouad ROUIS - Centre Biotechnologie de Sfax (CBS)Laure FABRE - INSA