FAME tech platform


  • The objective is to emerge innovative technologies for the intensive production of molecules for energy or chemical compounds from renewable carbon and industrial by-products to formulate molecule/microorganism/process solutions adapted to customary constraints.
  • Set up and development of methodologies and tools to follow and characterize (online, off line) microbial cultures associated to nutritional strategy in large operating conditions: batch, fedbatch or chemostat, synthetic or industrial media, mono or co-substrates, pure or co-cultures in axenic conditions…



Fame Tech Scientific Objective: Systemic optimization of bioprocess for production of Platform Molecules

  • The aim is to surpass the first step of molecule production (usually reachable in batch mode) and reaching the best titres, productivities and yields,
  • These  goals  can  be  achieved  integrating  cells  requirements  and  their responses  in  a  characterized  changing  bioreactive  environment.
  • Specific  pilot  configurations  are developed to characterize either environment and/or biological behaviors and enhance basic knowledge.