SOPHYE: separation, OXIDATION, hybrid processes for Environment (EAD10 team)

SOPHYE team gathers competences on reaction and separation processes with a multi-disciplinary approach, integrating multi-scales, chemistry, physics and biology of complex solutions and environmental assessment.


Christelle GUIGUI, coordinator of SOPHYE - 05 61 55 97 90

A multi-disciplinary team of 28 persons

SOPHYE team puts in synergy distinct scientific competences on different processes and methodologies. The team expertise field concerns :

  • Membrane processes (UF, MF, NF, RO) and membrane contactors
  • Adsorption, ion exchange, chromatography
  • Crystallization
  • Oxydation : ozonation and advanced oxidation
  • Environmental assessment, optimization, ecodesign of processes
  • Development of insitu characterization methods for interface phenomena involved in separation and reaction processes (formation of deposit, virus retention, etc.)


Multidisciplinarity for hybrid processes – design and optimisation

Multidisciplinarity allows an original approach for hybrid processes and for process integration

National and international collaboration network

SOPHYE has developed sustainable collaborations at national and international levels, in the frame of ANR and European projects.

Through its implication in the European projects MEDINA (desalination) and EUROMBRA (membrane bioreactors) the team evolves inside an international network.

Important collaborations with Spain, Luxembourg, Tunisia, Algeria, Brazil, China, Thailand, South Africa, Chorea, Vietnam, United States in the frame of research projects, PhD co-direction, student mobility.


Examples of projects

  • In situ deposit formation during membrane filtration   ANR FiltraCoppe - contact : Christelle GUIGUI
  • Retention dynamics of viruses retention on membranes: ANR POME - contact : Corinne CABASSUD
  • Aeration and membrane bioreactors: European project EUROMBRA - contact : Christelle GUIGUI
  • Sea water desalination by membrane processes and brines over-concentration: European project MEDINA - contact: Corinne CABASSUD
  • Waste water reuse : micropolluants and emerging compounds recovery : ANRREEBIM - contact : Christelle GUIGUI
  • Hybrid advanced oxidation processes for micropollutants and organic recalcitrant compounds removal (HDB) : ANR PHARE, ANR France-China PETZECO - contact : Jean-Stéphane PIC
  • Hybrid processes for agricultural valorisation of urines - contact : Jean-Stéphane PIC
  • Ion exchange bio-separation for the valorisation of green juices : ANR PRODULUZ - contact : Maria-Aurora FERNANDEZ
  • Environmental assessment for ecodesign of water treatment processes : ANR EVALEAU, project HELICA (collaboration CRTE Luxembourg) – contact : Ligia BARNA