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Main topics in the MetaSys team

  •  Topic 1: Natural and synthetic metabolic networks


Comprehensive understanding of cellular metabolism allows efficient control and optimization of the metabolism of industrially-relevant microorganisms (e.g. E. coli). The use of systems-level studies makes it possible to better determine not only the impact of pathway engineering within the context of the entire host metabolism, but also to diagnose stresses due to product synthesis or to extreme environmental conditions, thereby providing the rationale for efficient and cost-effective optimization of production systems (knowledge-based metabolic optimization). We are more specifically developing a project on natural and synthetic methylotrophy, which aims to improve our fundamental understanding of methylotrophy and to develop microbial cell factories for sustainable production of value-added products from methanol. 

  •  Topic 2: Metabolic adaptation in E. coli


A specific objective of the team is to understand how bacteria develop integrated metabolic responses to changes in its environment or in its genome. Typically such a response involves complex regulation mechanisms, and our objective is to precisely understand how metabolic networks and regulatory networks cooperate in the biological response. We are particularly interested in the Post-transcriptional regulation of metabolism in E. coli , and in the Metabolic regulatory mechanisms that enable microorganisms to adapt effectively to nutritional changes. Another field of interest of our team is the understanding and control of metabolic heterogeneity during the growth of bacterial monoclonal culture. The team is also developing approaches for the Engineering of metabolic regulation systems to design and improve biotechnological processes.




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