METASYS: Integrated metabolism and dynamics of metabolic systems (Team EAD6)

Comprehensive understanding of cellular metabolism using a metabolic systems biology approach





The MetaSys team (People) is investigating microbial metabolism with the aim to understand its organization, its operation and its adaptation. The team is developing a system-level approach of cellular metabolism based on the combination of in silico (reconstruction and modelling of metabolism) and experimental methods (metabolomics, fluxomics). The team is also developing novel methods for the investigation of metabolic networks in close collaboration with the MetaToul platform (Plateau MetaToul). Our systemic, iterative, and integrative approach of metabolism enables us to understand and predict the behaviour of natural and synthetic metabolic systems and is applied to various microorganisms (Publications). This knowledge is exploited in the fields of biotechnology and health. The activity of the MetaSys team can be summarized by the comprehensive analysis, understanding and prediction of  microbial metabolism.


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