CIMEs Skills & Equiment

Molecular Biology/Microbiology

Gene expression

Mutagenesis & Construction of variant libraries

Adaptation of hosts for enzyme screening (prokayota, eukaryota)



Screening assays at low, medium and high throughput

Enzyme purification

Chemical synthesis



X-ray crystallography

Small angle scattering

Circular Dicroism


ITC Calorimetry


Computer Sciences

Data mining & Sequence analysis (genomic, metagenomic)


Multi-scale molecular modelling

Computational Protein Design



Enzyme Immobilization / Enzymatic reactors



Screening facilities PICT-ICEO Platform - PICT-ICEO

QPixII (Genetix) : Colony picker (bacteria or yeasts) enabling the inoculation and re-arraying of mini-cultures in microtiterplates (3000 clones / hour)

K2 (KBiosystems) : Multi-application robot allowing colony picking (contrast, color and fluorescence detection),   plate replication, gridding on membrane/gelose, and colony re-arraying. Equipped with hotels for microtiterplate storage and a large worktable, the K2 robot provides high-picking and working speeds and excellent user autonomy.

Genesis RSP200 (Tecan) : An integrated liquid handling station equipped with a robotic arm, various incubators and a spectrophotometer (UV/Vis/fluo, 96/384 well plates), and dedicated to the phenotypic screening of variant librairies (up to 10000 clones a week).
Biomek 2000 (Beckman) : Transfer of liquids in microtiterplates under sterile conditions (2000 clones/ hour).

Infors : Microplate incubator-shakers for cell growth and protein expression in liquid medium (10-65°C, up to 96 microplates).

HPLC, GC (Dionex, Agilent) : Enzymatic activity screening via chromatography.
LC/MS, GC/MS (Dionex, Thermo) : Enzymatic activity screening, mixed molecule identification, direct injection or coupling to liquid or gaz chromatography.


Eclipse Fluorimeter (Varian) : Fluorescence spectroscopy, protein-ligand interactions, thermostability study, cuvette or 96 well microtiter plates
Circular dichroism (Jasco) : Assessment of the structural integrity of the recombinant proteins

Protein purification stations : ÄKTAPrime, ÄKTAPurifier, ÄKTAPure, ÄKTAXpress (GE Healthcare) : manual or automated protein purification, multistep purification.


Computing infrastructure & resources

  • 12 multi-core workstations dedicated to molecular modelling activities
  • Large data storage (>60To)
  • Access to High-Performance computing centres


Midi-Pyrénées Computing mesocentre

National computing centres (TGI):

TGCC-Curie, IDRIS-Turing, CINES-Occigen