LISBP plays an essential role in various local initiatives in the Life Sciences and Chemical Engineering communities


Toulouse Genopole

Created in 1999, the Genopole promotes research in genomics and develops support facilities for studies linked to post-genomic analysis in biology by (i) the development of technology platforms with mutualized facilities and personnel open to the scientific community in Midi-Pyrenees but also at a national and international level, (ii) support of projects of recognized excellence, and iii) provide a support for the creation of start-ups in biotechnology.

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FERMaT (Fluids, Energy, Reactors, Material and Transfer)

The research federation FERMaT initiates and supports interdisciplinary research projects in the Engineering Sciences in Toulouse and the Midi-Pyrenees region. Various themes are developed around shared facilities regrouped around three major domains: use of fl uid mechanics to study transfer phenomena inchemical and/or biological reactions, transfer phenomena in proximity to surfaces, and coupling of energy transfer to structural properties.

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Food, Health and Food Safety

Fusion of two poles (Food and Health Midi-Pyrenees, and Food Safety) this new structure functions as an interactive network to unite research expertise at a local level in the domains of nutrition. 13 different research establishments are involved with an ever-widening number of potential partners in industry, the objectives of this pole are to develop high visibility research in food safety (xenobiotics, microbiology, mycotoxins, prions, etc.) and functional foods (pre and probiotics, anti-oxidants, and plant-estrogens) so as to validate hypotheses linking health to food quality.

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