Alg & You

Since April 2015, the lab host Alg & You in INSA campus. Our team "Transfer, Interfaces, Mixing" work in close collaboration with this young start-up.


Alg & You is revolutionizing food consumption patterns by introducing fresh microalgae in our plates. The company invented the Phytotière to produce spirulina in our homes. This innovation relies on the potential of microalgae as a super-food, by bringing adapted and easy to use production devices closer to consumers. Alg & You sees its mission not only as developing a new product but also as a contribution to the fight against food access inequality. This device aims at providing a technological solution to address malnutrition taking into account the limited resources and the scarcity of arable lands.


Alg & You, Winner of the Worldwide Innovation Challenge 2030 of the French government in phase 1 and 2, and of the i-lab competition for innovative strart-up led by Bpifrance