Presentation of TBI

Missions and ambitions


TBI - TOULOUSE BIOTECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE Bio & Chemical Engineering (ex. LISBP) is a laboratory for fundamental and applied research in the field of biotechnologies, located on the campus of the "Institut National des Sciences Appliquées" (INSA) Toulouse. Under the joint supervision of INSA, CNRS, and INRAE, combining scientific excellence with economic and societal relevance, the laboratory is organized in 4 scientific departments (12 teams) and 1 technology platform including 3 IBiSA (Infrastructures for Biology, Health and Agronomy)

With its highly developed competences in Life Sciences and Engineering Sciences, the unit implements a scientific strategy that is multi-scale, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary in order to take up the challenges of bioeconomics with a worldwide collaborative network of public and private contributors.


Drawing on more than 40 years of internationally recognised experience, Toulouse Biotechnology Institute, Bio&Chemical Engineering, carries out research in catalysis and enzyme engineering, systemic and synthetic biology, fermentation, process engineering and eco design.


TBI direction board - january 2021

Gilles TRUAN, director

Emmanuelle TREVISIOL, deputy director

Mathieu SPERANDIO, deputy director





Application sectors:
> Green chemistry
> Water and et wastewater
> Bio-energy
> Bio-materials
> Agri-food
> Health
> Cosmetics