Session 2 for the MOOC "Agroressources et agro-industries durables"

Session 2 for the MOOC "Agroressources et agro-industries durables" created by Toulouse Tech Formation Professionnelle (TTFP)


As part of Toulouse Tech Formation Professionnelle, the INP Group and the INSA Group present session 2 of the MOOC "Agroressources et agro-industries durables".  Registrations started November 6th 2017 on the Fun MOOC platform. The course will begin February 5th 2018.

In 2014, the further education departments of Toulouse INP and INSA Toulouse decided to combine their experience and expertise to create a common vocational training Centre: Toulouse Tech Formation Professionnelle (TTFP).

The objective of TTFP is to develop vocational activities and training proposals for the corporate sector and the general public.

We innovate and design multidisciplinary courses in digital format. This MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) was co-produced by the INSA and the INP Groups.

The MOOC Agroressources and sustainable agro-industries offers free digital training support.

 This training program is based on the principles of sustainable development. The training resources have been created by a team of 15 lecturers -researchers. Through their experience and research this team has demonstrated how Agroressources can respond to today's major social and environmental challenges.

This MOOC addresses the industrial stakes related to agroressources, non-food raw materials from agriculture: how to promote a co-product to gain competitiveness?  What regulations are needed? How to improve the properties of materials? How to biosource a product?

To answer this topical question, numerous physico-chemical or biocatalytic tools and processes are presented.

This MOOC is aimed at a wider audience: interested students, teachers, researchers, business leaders and policy makers. The pre-requisites for this course is a solid background in chemistry and biology.

The MOOC process

This MOOC takes place over 6 weeks. A certificate of successful MOOC follow-up is issued to all learners who achieve a score of 60% of correct answers to the evaluations.


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