LISBP expansion with the MB3 project

The Laboratoire d’Ingénierie des Systèmes Biologiques et des Procédés (LISBP) starts an ambitious building expansion project called MB3. This new construction is funded with €20 million by University of Toulouse far-reaching projects:  the Plan Campus, selected in 2008-2009.


In 2008, “Toulouse Campus” was selected with twelve other French campuses by Plan Campus with its project MB3 as part of this ambitious plan. Over the past years, the laboratory has seen strong growth of its activities and the main idea behind this project is to be able to offer more space and scientific facilities of outstanding quality to research. Since 1991, LISBP offices and labs which are distributed across seven buildings around INSA Toulouse campus, creates a continuum between students and business companies, through teaching, research, technology transfer and services. The future MB3 building will assemble the current buildings Bio 1, Bio 2, Hall GPE and Bio 5.

The laboratory floor area will be expanded from the 2,600 m² to 8,000m². The operations will demolish 2,628 m² SHON (Bio1, Bio2 buildings) and rebuild 7,295 m² SHON (4,988 m² SU), inclusive of laboratories (4,030 m²), offices and meeting rooms (958 m²).


“Toulouse Campus” project

« Toulouse Campus » project will assure renovation and construction of more than 120,000 m² of new buildings in the beginning of 2017. It undertakes 16 real estate operations without considering the projects already planned for Jean Jaurès University. The general campus environment, together with the implementation of Urban and Landscape Development (AUP) on the Rangueil campus will be included in the master plan.


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Project planning: May 2015

Call for tender: July 2016

Relocation: November – December 2016

Construction start’s: January 2017

End of construction: End 2018