iGEM Toulouse

Every year since 2013, we supervises the iGEM Toulouse team in the iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) competition, an international synthetic biology competition set up by MIT (Massachusetts Institut of Technology).


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iGEM 2017:  Steay tuned



iGEM 2016: Paleotilis

The project called "Paleotilis" was aimed at combating the fungi that alter the frescoes of the cave of Lascaux. The strategy consisted of modifying a bacterium so that it produces antifungal agents in contact with fungi while limiting its spread to the environment by physical and biological containment systems. The description of Paleotilis, on which the team worked for eight months. Again this year, the iGEM Toulouse team was awarded a gold medal at the iGEM competition, an international synthetic biology competition set up by MIT. 



iGEM 2015: ApiColi

The aim of their project was to create a bacterium able to bait and eliminate the parasite using the Synthetic Biology tools and philosophy. The engineered bacterium, named ApiColi, will be safely placed in a trap and will express alternatively an attractant molecule and a poison for the Varroa destructor, in agreement with the honeybee life cycle. Our trap will be sealed to avoid any contact of the microorganism with the bees and the environment. We hope that our concept will help to reduce the decrease in bee populations and its disastrous consequences.

The team won a golden medal.



iGEM 2014: SubtiTree

Fungal diseases lead to major economic losses all over the world. Some pathogens trigger tracheomycosis by disturbing the vascular system of the plant. Canker is one of these infections especially affecting plane trees (Platanus sp.). Plane trees are widely present in Southern France and in particular along the famous Canal du Midi, participating to the site gorgeousness. Today, the only treatment consists in a costly preventive tree-cutting and implies significant ecological troubles. Facing this emergency, our team offers an innovative solution originating from synthetic biology.

Supported by 14 organizations and companies, the team won golden medal and the price for Best measurement approach.



iGEM 2013: "E.calculus project"

In 2013, the students team worked on "E.calculus project " who aimed to build a  binary calculator created from living organisms. With this work, iGEM Toulouse team won his first golden medal!