Biochips platform (Genopole Toulouse)


In charge: Jean Marie FRANCOIS (jean-marie.francois @ (INSA Professor)



The Biochip platform of the Toulouse Genopole is hosted at LISBP-INSA since it was created in September 1999. The biochips platform is devoted to service activities for gene expression variability, mutations, diagnostics, protein/protein interaction (protein biochips). The platform offers all hardware and the necessary expertise to carry out microarray experiments, in all domains of life science. The platform staff proposes a large panoply of possibilities to carry out transcriptomic experiments which take into account the requirement of researcher, including quality control and traceability in accordance with MIAME concepts. The platform also delivers once each year a specific training course for users of DNA array technology. The second activity of the platform is to carry out R & D in micro and nanotechnology for Life Sciences. The two main lines of this activity concern biopatterning and biodetection: interdisciplinary research undertaken with physicists from the CNRS “Laboratoire d’Architecture et d'Analyse des Systèmes” and chemists from the “Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination” and, according to the specific objective, biologists from other CNRS and INSERM laboratories. Finally, the Biochip platform co-develops statistical tools for treatment of expression data with mathematicians from the new Institut of Mathematics : UMR 5219 CNRS-UT1-UT2-UT3-INSA and the Biologists community.

Key words:

Biochips, spotting, chemical grafting, expression profiling, mutation, detection, screening, diagnosis, biostatistics, biomathematics, nanobiotechnology.



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